Four signs that Harry and Meghan's baby are already here


The whole world is looking forward to the birth of the first child of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. The Real Baby could have seen the light of day a long time ago.

The baby countdown is on! It will not be long before Prince Harry (34) and Duchess Meghan (37) present their first child to the world. Unlike Duchess Kate (37) and Prince William (36), Meghan will not show her baby directly after the birth of the public.

No wonder it's speculated that "Baby Sussex" has seen the light of day. We have collected four signs that indicate that you have given birth.

1. Pretty friend of Meghan in London on the way

The first sign that the baby was born already existed in early April. The make-up artist Daniel Martin is Duchess Meghan's best friend – and was already in London earlier this month. At Instagram, the American enthusiastically posted photos and videos of the English capital. Also in the baby shower of the former actress, the makeup artist was present. According to US media, Martin is even considered a goddess. However, the next clue indicates that Martin became familiar with Meghan's new home. Because …

2. Meghan's mother traveled to London

… Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland (62), arrived in London on 21 April. She wants to help her daughter with the birth of her son. Finally, she came to the wedding of Meghan and Prince Harry's Los Angeles dreams. For a long time, the grandmother of "Baby Sussex" will not stay in London. A source told the British "Mirror": "Doria must be here for birth and will stay in. But then she has to go back to her dogs and work." Ragland is a social worker and continues to practice her profession as usual. She could, however, enjoy the first few days together with her grandson.

3. Meghan ignored the Easter service

Another sign that the baby was born: Duchess Meghan lost the traditional Easter service of the British family. Exactly this Sunday, the queen also celebrated her 93rd birthday. The baby may be the reason why Meghan missed this important query.

A lawsuit continues to fuel speculation surrounding the birth of Meghan's baby. Police in Windsor issued a drone ban. Warning signs were erected around the Royals property. It reads: "Police Security Note: In this area, drones are strictly prohibited." It would be a photo fiasco for the royal family if the baby's recordings would appear in advance. (PAF)


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