Formula 1: Mick Schumacher first in Ferrari, then in Sauber?


The fact that Mick Schumacher is testing Formula One for the first time after the Bahrain GP seems clear. Does he even sit in Ferrari before leaving for Alfa-Sauber?

It's raining here in Bahrain – and somehow the new messages from Europe fit the mood: Mick Schumacher (four days 20) is expected to rise after the Grand Prix before the Alfa Sauber test first, even at Ferrari. Then contest the two days of testing (2-3 April) on different cars.

There must already be millions around the world, son of champion. The overall advertising effect is obviously enormous – and amidst the almost shy and educated boy.

Will Mick burn?

On Saturday and Sunday, European Formula 3 champion Mick (who literally blew up after the break) took his first two Formula 2 races on Bahrain's Prema team from his manager Nicolas Todt.

The question is now: if the jump to Formula 1 is too fast, can Mick even get burned? For fans of Schumi, it is an explosion that can and will be cushioned by the red carpet of Maranello in all phases (be it positive or negative).

In the footsteps of Kimi and Vettel?

Interesting that both young Sauber testers have been world champions in the past.

So in 2000, a certain Kimi Raikkonen (20) was tested in the Hinwiler car after only 23 car races in small series in Mugello. On the same day, the great Schumi was at Ferrari. At night, Michael told Peter Sauber: "I do not know who was sitting in the car, but you have to do it right away!" The Finn was a champion in 2007 – at Ferrari.

In 2006, a certain Sebastian Vettel (19) in Turkey and Monza was allowed to test the BMW Sauber on Friday morning alongside team leader Robert Kubica. German was faster in each case. Really impossible. In Indianapolis 2007, Vettel was allowed to replace the slightly injured after his accident in Montreal. Poland came in eighth place and won their first place in the World Cup. In 2010, he won his first of four World Championship titles in series at Red Bull Renault.

Mick has to prove himself first

And now Mick Schumacher can do tests in the premier class. While in Räikkönen and Vettel early in the race hardly anyone doubted the talent, Mick S. – so many experts – must first prove that he is an exceptional player. His father's footsteps are enormous.

Mick launches Ferrari star out of the tournament

Little Schumi is already faster than Vettel!

Mick Schumacher is European Formula 3 champion


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