Saturday , October 23 2021

FDP calls for stricter climate policy


The FDP is currently discussing its new climate document. And there is already a big surprise: delegates want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero net by 2050. This also requires the initiative of the glacier.

Outside the Spirgarten Theater in Zurich-Altstetten, the school children offered cakes, popcorn and patches – they raised money for the WWF. A few feet away, the FDP delegates pressed for the big climate debate in the building.

FDP wants zero net through 2050

The small environmentalists apparently made an impression on the liberal clientele. Because the FDP under your boss Petra Gössi gets greener – she supports the initiative of the glacier!

Delegates therefore advocated a stricter course in climate policy than party leadership: they require a zero net greenhouse gas strategy by 2050. Quite surprisingly, a request from the organic group won by 158 votes to 145 per.

Small difference to the initiative: This wants to allow CO2 offset measures only in Germany, the FDP also abroad.

Gössi: 'Ambitious climate policy'

The head of the FDP, Gössi, does not want to know the more rigorous objective, but yes to yes to the initiative of the glacier. "We do not decide on the initiative. We'll still have this discussion in the future, "Blick says.

The FDP is committed to the Paris Climate Agreement. The result shows: "Our delegates want an ambitious climate policy."

Noser is happy.

The FDP Council of States, Ruedi Noser (58, ZH), had supported the net zero application. "I'm happy," he says after the brief decision to look. "That was the most important request of the day."

The liberals would have confirmed: "Ecology and economics are not a contradiction." Sustainability is the next big thing in politics, according to Noser.

Nothing happy with the decision, however, is the FDP National Christian Wasserfallen (37, BE). "That goes a long way. The question is what steps you should take for that.

Reduced weakening

The debate on the role of the climate is still ongoing. It remains to be seen whether the ecological climate will continue in other areas, such as the sale of tickets. Because the net zero vote was scarce.

The attacks made so far by the right Libero faction, that even the soft paper of the party leadership has gone too far, so far have been destroyed. The young liberal representatives wanted to remove all restrictions – that is, prohibitions and restrictions – from the newspaper. The prohibition prohibition did not stand a chance.

Equally unsatisfactory was the idea of ​​eliminating paper duty tax deductions.

Environmental policy as a matter of the heart

In his opening address, party leader Gössi emphasized that environmental policy has become a subject close to his heart. "But a question of the heart with a liberal signature."

It is not a lazy to say that environmental protection is part of the DNA of the liberal mind. Even liberal liberal adviser Ludwig Forrer opened the first World Conservation Conference in Bern in 1913. However, in recent years the party has forgotten its environmental and climate policy heritage. Now you must rediscover it together, "said Gössi.

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