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Fake police capture several 10,000 francs

An illustration shows how this fraud usually works. (Photo: cantonal police of Solothurn)

Once again, an old man became the victim of fake police officers. The 80-year-old man handed out jewelry and money worth several tens of thousands of francs.

The fake police continues to terrorize the elderly in Schwarzbubenland: only in April, more than 50 reports were received by the Guangzhou police about fake police officers. These scammers speak loud German on the telephone and pretend to be cantonal police officials.

On Monday, a woman in the black country was again a victim of treacherous fraud. The perpetrator seized jewelry of gold and money in the total amount of several 10,000 francs.

Perfidious point

The fraudsters say they are investigating robberies. They warn against burglars and offer to collect money and valuables to keep them safe.

Almost all the calls did not respond to the wrong police officer's instructions, such as the police state of the canton. They immediately informed the police alarm center.

Already in the first three months of this year, about 80 fraud attempts have been reported – almost exclusively in the Schwarzbubenland region.

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