Europa League: Eintracht Frankfurt are in the semifinals, Arsenal also


Frankfurt thanks Schiribock in semifinals – Xhaka with Arsenal continues

Frankfurt – Benfica 2: 0

First of all, the great choreography of Frankfurt before the game. Video: stream

Eintracht Frankfurt's dream of the first European Cup final since the UEFA Cup win in 1980 lives. Against Benfica Lisboa became the team of Adi Hutter The 2-4 deficit in the first leg thanks to a 2-0 home and is in the semifinals.

In the final phase, when the Frankfurters' strength faltered after countless English weeks, the progress of the last remnant in a European Bundesliga competition was still in jeopardy. Substitute Salvio scored in the 85th minute for the visitors only the external post. Thanks to the fighting power and morale, however, the agreement escaped over time and celebrated the next party in the completely exhausted arena in Frankfurt.

Once again, the winner of the German Cup made an accelerated and exciting performance and won thanks to the Filip Kostic (37), which was in the offside, and Sebastian Rode (67) 2: 0. Only during a short phase did the game threaten to overthrow the Portuguese championship leader. Immediately after the break, the guests arrived at some dangerous assaults, but both John Felix, the first-leg three-time leading scorer, as the former Frankfurt Haris Seferovic pardoned promising position.

A 1: 0 to Frankfurt by Kostic. He was clearly hindered. Video: streamable

O 2: 0 to Frankfurt by Rode. Video: stream

In the semi-finals, Frankfurt face Chelsea, who defeated Slavia Prague 4-0 in the first leg at Stamford Bridge. Already after 27 minutes, the "Blues" took 4: 1, before it slowed down. Leading player was Pedro, who scored two goals and prepared the other two goals.

Chelsea – Slavia Prague 4: 3

In the semi-finals, Frankfurt face Chelsea, who defeated Slavia Prague 4-0 in the first leg at Stamford Bridge. Already after 27 minutes, the "Blues" took 4: 1, before it slowed down. Exceptional actor was Peterwho scored two goals and prepared the other two goals.

The 1-0 for Chelsea by Pedro Video: stream

The 2: 0 for Chelsea for Delhi (goal against). Video: stream

The 3-0 to Chelsea by Giroud. Video: stream

The 3: 1 through Slavia Prague by Soucek. Video: stream

The 4: 1 for Chelsea by Pedro. Video: stream

4: 2 for the Slavia Prague by Sevcik. Video: stream

4: 3 for Slavia Prague by Sevcik. Video: stream

Napoli – Arsenal 0: 1

In the second semi-final, there is a duel between Arsenal and Valencia, who beat Villarreal after 3: 1 a week ago at home 2-0. The "Gunners" prevailed in the top duel of the round against Napoli also out (1-0). A free kick from Alexandre Lacazette in the 36th minute, the guests, who were not behind in the first half hour, thanks to good luck, saved.

0: 1 for the Lacazette Arsenal. Video: streamable

Arsenal did not concede a goal in the 11th game of the competition for the ninth time and qualified for the second consecutive time for the last four round. Granit Xhaka, who had injured in the first match, was on the starting grid and was replaced after an hour.

Valencia – Villareal 2: 0

The 1-0 to Valencia by Latorre. Video: stream

The 2-0 to Valencia by Parejo Video: stream

The telegrams

Napoli – Arsenal 0: 1 (0: 1)
SR Hategan (ROU).
Tor: 36. Lacazette 0: 1.
Comments: Arsenal for 61. with Xhaka, without Lichtsteiner (not in the squad).

Eintracht Frankfurt – Benfica Lisboa 2: 0 (1: 0)
48 & # 39; 000 spectators. – SR Orsato (ITA).
Goals: 36. Kostic 1: 0. 67. Turn 2: 0.
Comments: Eintracht Frankfurt with Gelson Fernandes. Benfica Lisbon with Seferovic. 36th post shot Gacinovic. 40. Benfica coach, Bruno, referenced in the stands.

Valencia – Villarreal 2: 0 (1: 0)
SR Collum (SCO).
Goals: 13. Lato 1: 0 54. Pareto 2: 0.

Chelsea – Slavia Prague 4: 3 (4: 1)
SR Skomina (SLO).
Goals: 5. Peter 1: 0. 10. Deli (goal against) 2: 0. 17. Giroud 3: 0. 26. Soucek 3: 1. 27. Peter 4: 1. 51. Sevcik 4: 2. 55. Sevcik 4 : 3.
Observations: 10. Post shot Pedro. (Abu / SDA)

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