Ermotti's helper: Köppel, Ringier, Twitter


Sergio Ermotti tweets. That's what makes him
to Donald Trump of the Swiss Bank. And as with the top US politician
is behind the head of UBS more than entertainment behind it. Is about
the power.

Which, that made the SonntagsZeitung public yesterday. Ermotti's plan is to move from senior executive chairman to UBS board in the next 12 months. There, the Ticino will succeed after a cooling phase Axel Weber as president.

If the maneuver is successful, it would be Ermotti
even more powerful than today. It would then be number 1 in the
Overall dominate the financial center for 2 decades. Marcel Ospel
it would one day fly beside him.

That Ermotti does this, so
helpers in the media are ready. First of all
Head of World Week and SVP top man, Roger Köppel. Köppel wanted
Ermotti always on the Bundesrat's winch.

Behind the sympathy for the bank manager is a close personal friendship, as shown in the biography of Köppel by author Daniel Ryser. This appeared last year and gave to talk.

What Ryser did not notice went unnoticed
Page 214 of his book describes. "Then (Köppels)
Smartphone. The display shows the name & # 39; Sergio Ermotti & # 39 ;. (…)
Köppel gets up and says, "Hey, ciao, how are you?"
it disappears from the reach of the voice. "

Köppels "Sergio" is also
"Sergio" by Dirk Schütz. The editor-in-chief of
The manager's magazine "Bilanz" praises the CEO of UBS in each
Opportunity. On the other hand, he strongly criticizes CS chief Tidjane

When a recent media debate out of nowhere about Ermotti's quick resignation came, Schütz strengthened his back. "President Axel Weber is launching the follow-up survey for the top bank, but that does not undermine CEO Sergio Ermotti," Schütz wrote.

It's a small jump from Schütz
to Ringier. The media house has the "balance" in half,
the other owns Axel Springer, a successful publisher

In Ringier, Sergio Ermotti has a lot of
Support. Your UBS appears around the sponsored by the bank
Meeting of Zurich Athletics in Publireportagen, which only
Look closely how purchased are recognizable.

If Ermotti wants to hit the brat,
so he does it with preference in vision. There he bowed
One year the six together, a joint venture of
Financial center. Shortly afterwards, the Six were destroyed on the ground.

Ermotti's influence on Ringier is at the top of the media house. There are two people from Ermotti's innermost environment: a consultant and a UBS manager.

The whisper is Claudio Cisullo, a computer science entrepreneur. Cisullo entered and left the top of the list before Ermotti. But it was not until Ermotti became CEO that Cisullo was outsourced to UBS as outsourcing – for free. Cisullo managed to found a large company, the Chain IQ, from scratch.

The second UBS man at the top of Ringier is Lukas Gähwiler. He was also nominated for the UBS Executive Committee in the era of Oswald Grübel. But it was Ermotti who allowed Gähwiler to hold a lucrative post as president of the new UBS in Switzerland after his time as head of Switzerland.

Both Gähwiler and Cisullo owe a lot to Sergio Ermotti. At Ringier, they hold 2 of the 6 seats on the board of directors. A third of the voting power in the decisive body of the important Swiss media company – worthy of money for Ermotti Gold.


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