Ending wave after a fight with the headmaster: more than half of the Wigoltinger Oberstufe teachers are leaving


On Tuesday, high school teachers informed their students about their dismissal.
Half of all teachers threw in the towel.

Sabrina B├Ąchi

The high school Wigoltingen from above. About 110 young people attend school here. (Image: Martin Challenge, April 4, 2019)

The high school Wigoltingen from above. About 110 young people attend school here. (Image: Martin Challenge, April 4, 2019)

On Tuesday, Wigoltinger high school students had a day of tears. In almost every lesson, they once again heard the phrase "I quit." In all, seven of a dozen teachers left school in Wigoltingen. It is the final blow to a dispute between teachers, the school council, and the school council.

It started a month ago. He trained a large proportion of high school teachers against director Mirko Spada and demanded him notice. Main problem: Spada communication. The school's president, Nathalie Wasserfallen, was behind the principal. She informed the media that she asked that all teachers who did not imagine working with the school administration should be dismissed.

Five classroom teachers leave school

This ultimatum obviously took the teachers seriously. Of the top six teachers responsible for a class, only one remains. One day, three teachers have announced at the same time, as reliable sources report. Among those who have resigned, there are also longtime teachers who sometimes teach more than 30 years at Wigoltinger High School.

The Prehistory

Since the summer break, Mirko Spada has been teaching director at VSG Wigoltingen. Since then, there is also friction in the teaching staff. Especially at the top level. Spada and the school authorities want to implement visions for the school and abolish the grading level in the upper grades. This led to disagreements. Spada himself described interviews between him and the faculty in an interview to calm the situation. About a month ago, teachers called Spada to quit. The collaboration was so destroyed that trust could no longer be established.

Some of the teachers leaving VSG Wigoltingen still do not have a new job. Above all, teachers in small pens, such as the cleaning service or the textile works, remain.

Wait for the deadline

School president Nathalie Wasserfallen gagged all teachers and threatened them with legal consequences if they announced their resignation before April 30. It so happened that the veteran students at Wigoltinger had to deal with seven layoffs at once.

As several sources report, there were numerous students crying. Wasserfallen does not want to comment on the media yet. First, she wants to inform her staff, students and parents in a letter about the layoffs as she communicates. The school president wants to give the media only from Monday's information.


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