Eli Simic has to fight against unpleasant criticism


"Where are your breasts?" Asks a follower under a picture of Eli Simic in a swimsuit. But the ex-maiden does not want to endure so much audacity.

Eli Simic (29) is not only a former single and Reiki healer, but also earns her money as an influencer. With a photo on a swimsuit, the Swiss from eastern Switzerland wanted to advertise for a beachwear supplier. But while most of his followers praise Simic for his great beach figure, he also has an unpleasant comment below the photo. "Where are your breasts?", Quips a user. "Baden," the ex-maiden girl initially responds with humor.

But in her stories on the Instagram, Mia's mother (11 months) lets her anger run wild. "I gave my breasts to my daughter," says Simic. Breastfeeding has lost her bust, but she does not regret that decision for a minute. "From the beginning, I gave my daughter everything I could." She finds the comment "level and unfair." Especially annoying, Simic thinks the question also comes from a woman.

«Let these things be aware of the network»

She now apparently saw her mistake. The comment can no longer be found on the Simic page. She herself had not excluded him, she says to Nau: "I deliberately leave these things on the net." For them, it was clear that the user would never tell her "face to face." She was glad that her message had "arrived" against Bodyshaming. Because: "Many women are like me."

This also shows several comments and messages to Simic, which she received after her statement. In a new story, she tells us that she was "shown" by all the positive reactions: "So the whole thing paid off" (Klm).


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