Due to trade dispute: Alibaba caps annual forecast


Amazon is testing the inspiring mode of shopping Scout in Germany, Alibaba has corrected the annual forecast down, To customize the fashion online stores of Germany, Robert Basic is dead.

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Fressnapf wants to be serious online: Fressnapf wants to accelerate its online business in Europe. For this, the dealer must also invest in logistics. An expansion to Austria, France, Italy and Poland is in the plan. Most recently, Fressnapf grew 22 percent to € 73 million (gross). >>> Lebensmittelzeitung (for subscribers only)
Amazon is testing the inspiring "Scout" shopping mode in Germany, stated etailment. In the Scout, users should receive product suggestions based on tannings for individual items. For now, customers have the choice of furniture and home accessories. The Scout asks customers to click with their thumbs up or down and respond by displaying other products based on their choices. >>> etailment
The date for Allyouneed-Aus is clear: On 1.12.2018 DHL's Allyouneed market will be finally closed, all merchant accounts will be deleted at this time. DHL informed its resellers via e-mail. >>> Facebook Reseller Group Multichannel Rockstars
Again it attacks Amazon: From Friday morning to Saturday evening, logistics staff at the Amazon hubs in Bad Hersfeld and Leipzig stopped working again. The Verdi trade union spoke of about 900 participants in both locations. >>> Faz.net


Annual Forecast of Alibaba Lids: Despite significant growth in recent months, China's online trading platform has reduced its revenue forecast for the financial year to run until the end of March 2019. Alibaba now expects revenues of 375-383 billion yuan 48.7 billion euros), up 6 percent below the previous forecast. As a justification, Alibaba on Friday referred to general economic uncertainties – such as the trade conflict between China and the United States. Alibaba shares fell 2.42% after the announcement. >>> Finanzen.net
Amazon allows major customers to determine the day of delivery: With the new "Amazon Day" delivery option, top US customers can now set a specific delivery date for their order. Currently, the new feature is only offered to selected customers, but in the long run, Amazon Day should be launched for all Prime customers. >>> Full Story
Above all, Ikea Switzerland is growing online: Ikea produces about 77 million Swiss francs in e-commerce, corresponding to an online participation of 7.7%. Ikea's online share is therefore only slightly higher than the Swiss market share of the online furniture market, which is 7%. >>> Blog Carpathia
The Amazon camp collapsed in Baltimore: After a strong November storm, the nearly 20-foot outer wall of the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Baltimore collapsed. The tragic accident killed two people. >>> Full Story


How to customize the biggest German fashion stores: To what extent does personalization work today from the customer's point of view? We tested seven of Germany's largest fashion stores for their personal approach. The result? Disappointing. >>> Internet World
When the Ship from Store really is worth it: & # 39; Ship from Store & # 39; is a classic Crosschannel that can be used to lose a lot of money. Only those who do everything right can increase sales and profits by ordering at the cash register. IBusiness reviews how the business works. >>> ibusiness (for premium users)
Re-commerce in the trend: Last week, e-commerce professor Gerrit Heinemann announced that there is no state to do with second-hand goods on the Internet, today we present the counter-thesis. Because there have rarely been so many options like today to get rid of used products online. >>> Internet World
"Alexa, do you want to be my friend?" Amazon's friendly language assistant is changing the way technology is handled – this can be seen clearly in the children's example. Child psychologists in the US have noted that more and more children are actively making friends with Alexa – and the device therefore takes the place of the good old imaginary friend. However, psychologists are still divided on what to keep the trend going. >>> Tomsguide.com


"Thanks for everything, Robert and good trip – wherever you go now."

Robert BasicA veteran of German technology bloggers and founder of the pioneering blog Basic Thinking, he succumbed to the heart problem this weekend. Not just the very personal obituary of the Mobilegeek blogger, Carsten Drees, you hear the lump in the neck if this message is clear; Many bloggers took a break over the weekend to celebrate a great success on the scene. >>> Mobilegeeks


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