Due to power outages: Baby boom in the community of Lake Zurich Männedorf


The two hospitals Zollikerberg and Männedorf register a new birth record. Very suspicious: nine months earlier, the electricity was off!

The community of Männedorf ZH in Lake Zurich recorded a rapid increase in the number of newborns last year. Last year, a total of 2,800 babies were born in the district of Meilen. Zollikerberg Hospital and Männedorf Hospital registered more births than in 2017.

While 2,248 newborns were born at Zollikerberg hospital last year – 1,170 boys and 1,078 girls – there were 552 babies at the Männedorf hospital. Both hospitals record a new record for 2018 births. While 192 more children were born at Zollikerberg Hospital, there were another 17 at Männedorf Hospital.

Birth rates of other hospitals support the theory

Not totally innocent of the baby boom should be lack of energy. Because if the TV stops suddenly, other activities in the house should surface. "By far the most fertile month of last year was in August," said Margaret Hüsler, Spital Männedorf's chief medical officer at the "Zürichsee." Just nine months earlier, several power outages occurred several times in and around Männedorf, -Zeitung ",

The chief physician's theory is supported by the birth rates of the other hospitals around Lake Zurich. The figures show that the peak values ​​at births at Paracelso Richterswil Hospital were recorded in completely different months. According to this, May was the heaviest month in 2018, as the local director of the "Zürichsee-Zeitung" explains.

In contrast to the other two hospitals, Richterswil did not set a new record for the year 2018. On the contrary, there was a decline of 128 births. In total, 507 children were born at the hospital Parachute Richterswil last year – 260 boys and 247 girls. (Rad)


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