Duchess Kate breaks her sudden withdrawal


Duchess Kate and her husband, Prince William, withdrew surprisingly. What's behind this?

Real fans around the world are eagerly waiting for Duchess Meghan's baby (37). Meanwhile, almost unnoticed, however, is the behavior of Meghan's sister, Kate (37), to talk. She and Prince William (3 /) suddenly retired to their mansion in Norfolk. The reason for this, according to the British media, is an interval that both enjoy.

Sudden withdrawal gives rise to speaking

But now the rumor mill is boiling on the island: is it possibly a pregnancy behind this behavior? On several occasions, recently, he was intrigued about whether Kate is possibly for the fourth time in happy anticipation. For example, because of her clothing: For the magazine InTouch it was clear that Kate must be pregnant because she wore the exact same dress at an event as in Jui 2017. At that time, the mother of three children was pregnant with her Louis younger. This can not be a coincidence, they are the right watchers.

Either way: William and Kate must draw the next dates after Easter. For Prince William, he goes to New Zealand, where he wants to find the victims of the Christchurch murder. Duchess Kate is expected on April 25 for ANZAC Day, a national day of remembrance. At least, probably again, all eyes should be directed to her stomach. (WYT)


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