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Is there a couple of DSDS dreams?

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Once upon a time, they were followed by Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi – will Alicia-Awa Beissert and Momo Chahine now follow them to the 2014 DSDS Couples Final?

Cologne – Pietro Lombardi (26) and Sarah Lombardi (26), at the time still Engels, arrived in 2011: They were the dreamy couple DSDS ("Deutschland sucht den Superstar").

DSDS Dream Couple – Sarah and Pietro Lombardi

Sarah and Pietro Lombardi met randomly in the eighth season of the DSDS (Germany is looking for the star). What followed then was able to accompany all of Germany in recent years as an effective media: romantic marriage in a castle, joint construction of houses, the birth of the common son Alessio Elias and finally the dramatic split including Fremdgeh photos at the top.

DSDS Dream Couple – Alicia-Awa Beissert and Momo Chahine

The DSDS 'new dream couple could now be Alicia-Awa Beissert (21) and Momo Chahine (22). What is really happening between the two DSDS girls? It's amazing that you see the two very often separated from the DSDS cameras. In the RTL interview, which RTL also released on RTL.de, Momo allegedly enters the image by accident. When their eyes meet, the sparks fly and everyone can feel the chemistry of each other by the smile.

The two little pigeons make no great secret of their affection for each other. She often posts on social networks as recently on the Instagram shared love songs. Passionate, the two look at each other and repeatedly exchange affectionate and loving glances.

Dream Couple DSDS – Clear Evidence That It's Turning On

Alicia-Awa delirious in the interview above RTL in the higher tones of Momo: "Momo is 1: 1 my type, because he is super funny, he is very cordial and he does not have to be so cool." Momo, on the other hand, talked about Alicia-Awa in the RTL interview. "Alicia and I are good friends, of course we do a lot of things together, of course she's beautiful, she looks good, the character is great." He concludes the interview with a broad, enamored grin on his face with these words: "You do not know what to expect, so in the future. "Well, if this does not seem like a happy ending and a great love. A really cute couple you are. " Indications that there might be a new dream couple from the DSDSsummed up:

  • The two spend a remarkable amount of time together, even outside the cameras
  • Both are constantly calling each other on Instagram
  • When their eyes meet in interviews, they will be ashamed and laughing
  • They delirious each other in the highest tones

Dream DSDS couple – Mottowshow on April 13, 20.15 clock on RTL

On Saturday, April 13, fans can admire the two lovebirds again at the live themed shows. This time with the theme "retro hits". RTL has already announced the accesses of the candidates on Saturday. Then Momo "Fresh" from Kool & The Gang will sing and Alicia-Awa will sing "The Rising Men" from The Weather Girls. And who knows, maybe the finals will be played by a couple of lovers in 2019, as in the case of Sarah and Pietro. You may be curious!

DSDS – The whole story and the best sayings of Bohlen

DSDS – "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" is a talent show that has been at RTL since 2002. The first episode of the jury members changes annually. In addition to Dieter Bohlen, Poptitan has been the chief of the jury since the first broadcast. He ensures with his insolent sayings many laughs among the audience, but also scary moments in the candidates. The Pop-Urgestein does not escape of inclined tone and does not accept excuses. These sayings of the board remained legendary:

  • "Expressing a spine in the morning has more power than your voice."
  • "You are a human as God created you and McDonalds shaped you."
  • "The downside with you is that you have no advantage."

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