Diagnosis of shock before the World Ski Championship: end of the season for Michelle Gisin


The ski season is abruptly for Michelle Gisin. Saturday's Super G injury does not allow a continuation. The dream of a World Cup medal in February is exploding.

The Gisin ski family will not be spared this winter. After the tragic tragedy of Marc (30) in the descent of Val Gardena in December, also now receives his sister Michelle (25). Fortunately not as bad as his brother, but still the season ended for the Engelbergerin.

Is Michelle Gisin injured by the knee?

Gisin is on Saturday at the Garmisch Super-G cartilage damage and a cruciate ligament injury in his right knee, as investigations have revealed now. In consultation with her doctor, Michelle opted for surgery. This promises in the long run the best and most sustainable chances of success.

The World Championships in Are (February 4 to 17) will take place without a Michelle Medal of Hope. This season she finished second on the podium at Lake Louise in December and finished third. Total comes Gisin this year in eight top ten places and is in the World Cup for the ninth.

"I have not had serious injuries for eight years"

Gisin says in a message, "Of course it hurts to end the season prematurely, but I am also aware that for the past eight years I have not had any serious injuries that needed surgery, I was able to try a lot and I was fortunate to be healthy in very long moments therefore it is not very difficult for me to accept this injury and see the opportunity to gain some time and calm. "(Rib)


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