Daniel Craig asks for a private chef on the James Bond set


That sounds a bit like Diva instead of a secret agent: Danial Craig stays with a physiotherapist and a private chef on the James Bond set.

Actor Daniel Craig, 51, will appear in the 25th edition of the legendary James Bond film as "007" for the last time. So he gives it all in his last appearance, a dedicated crew at the local Jamaica filming ensures that Craig has everything his heart desires.

Private trainer and chef

An insider chatted with the British "Sun": "Daniel is a perfectionist, and his cook cooks exclusively for him. He also has his own coach, so he is fit for the difficult shooting.

Craig had revealed some time ago that he would follow a strict diet for the track that will be released in 2020. Alcohol and greasy food are taboo, so Bond fits into his tailored suits.

Daniel Craig focuses on water and protein bars

According to the Daily Mirror, the star of "Cassino Royale" would have dispensed wine and canapés even at this year's Golden Globe Award Ceremony, and instead would have water and protein bars. An observer later told the publication: "Daniel was clearly very iron. He was not tempted by alcohol, canapés, high cuisine and desserts."

James Bond title still unknown

The title of Bond's 25th adventure is still top secret. In a recent press conference, it was revealed that Rami Malek (37) is the opponent of James Bond and makes 007 difficult for life (Blick reported). (Explosion)


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