Coverage of the motorway: start of construction of the Schwamendinger tunnel


One kilometer long, 30 meters wide, with plenty of green space and space for cycle paths and pedestrians – and down the road: On Monday, the official departure sign for Schwamendingen housing fell.

"I expect Schwamendingen to go to school," federal counselor Simonetta Sommaruga (SP) told a news conference on Monday. She is delighted to be the first to open this road project as the new head of the Department of Environment, Transportation, Energy and Communications (Uvek).

"Let's bring back a piece of nature," said Sommaruga. With the closure of this busy section of the highway, the unsustainable condition is not completely eliminated, but made bearable. "The pressure of the population was worth it."

Then came the idea of ​​covering the road in 1987, because also of the district. Ten years later, an association was founded and in 1998 a grassroots initiative was established in a short time. However, this could later be withdrawn because federal, canton and city took over the achievement.

"These projects need a lot of encouragement and tenacity," said Carmen Walker Späh, head of the Zurich Department of Economics. And now, for the accomplishment of some patience must be applied. The one million euro project is scheduled to go live by the end of 2024.

Green areas, pedestrian paths and bike paths at a height of seven meters

The enclosure encloses the road between the intersection of East Zurich and the Schöneichtunnel. With 110,000 vehicles per day, this is one of the busiest road stretches in the country. On the roof, at a height of seven meters, you will find large green areas as well as pedestrians and bike paths. The newly created land park will be accessible through several climbs.

"This cape is the cure of an ancient wound," said Richard Wolff (AL), head of the city's civil engineering and waste disposal department in Zurich. "The enclosure provides peace and health for the population." And, in addition, the previously separated quarters of Schwamendingen-Mitte and Saatlen would be reunited.

Wolff spoke of a profound change in the quarter. How important it was for the population and construction cooperatives to be included. For example, 20 buildings had to be demolished into the enclosure. "Schwamendingen is affected by compression like almost no other quarter."

Costs of 445 million francs are shared

The construction of the large project was symbolized by the assembly of a three-part colored band. This band means cooperation between the federal government, the canton and the city, the participants said. Without such cooperation, a project of this type and size could not be realized.

The project costs a total of 445 million francs. The costs of housing are divided between the federal government, the canton and the city. Above all, the tunnel must eliminate noise and exhaust fumes. The motorway section has to be partially closed at night for work. In the run under the tunnel of the Tramtnel road the operation is not affected. (SDA)


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