Copa America: Argentina and Messi threaten the mega constraint


Twelve nations will participate in this year's Copa América. Eight comes to the quarterfinals. Now, only the power of football threatens Argentina with mega-star Messi to lose the knockout phase. How is this possible?

Argentine gazettes panic Thursday morning. "We do not want to suffer any more!" Says the national football leader Olé. "La Nación", in turn, says enigmatically: "Our selection is a soul that cries and will continue suffering in the future".

And in Spain too, the "Brand" goes to the end. The Real Madrid Newspaper House roars in the usual way against the Barcelona superstar Messi and his colleagues: "One of the worst Argentina ever!"

What happened?

Argentina, who participated in the South American championship with great figures like Lionel Messi or Kun Agüero, have not yet won after two appearances, thanks to the last place in Group B!

On Thursday night, the "Albiceleste" reaches the first point. However, this against the South American football gnome of Paraguay and also very happy. In the 1: 1-Düelauftritt Messi & Co., several times lucky to complete:

  • 45 minutes: Goalkeeper Franco Armani kicks his opponent out from the penalty area in the 0: 1 score in an extremely brutal manner. It comes out with yellow.
  • 57 minutes: The VAR intervenes – in favor of Argentina! The Messi hand penalty paid safely to 1: 1 of compensation.
  • 63 minute: Otamendi makes his opponent get more motivated from behind in the legs. On your own penalty area! Derlis Gonzalez, a former Basel player, shoots the penalty, but against Armani (see above).

Then stay with 1: 1. Argentina will be behind in Group B after the 2-0 loss to Colombia – Caution – Qatar remains. The (supposed) organizer of the 2022 World Cup will be one of two teams invited this year in the field of South American Championship participants.

A curse weighs on Argentina

And these Katari are waiting for the end of the group stage in Albiceleste. Good for Argentina: Because in the America's Cup 8 of the 12 teams advance to the quarterfinals, the star set despite a desperate start in any case, a victory over the small state for a progress. Messi & Co. brings this not in the series, the mega embarrassment, however, is perfect. Unthinkable, the star set would not play in the top eight places on the continent. And that with the Mega-Kicker Messi in the ranks. When asked about this scenario, the gifted person responds after the Paraguayan Knorz: "Crazy!" Translated in a similar way: That would be completely crazy.

Because Messi finally wants to reach Argentina, what Ronaldo did with Portugal 2016: Dust a title in the national dress. Gauchos have a curse to defeat. Argentina have been in the final four times in the last five cups of the Americas. And lost four times. No one is talking about the Messi-Land final now. (Rab)


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