Constantly tired despite getting enough sleep? Here are the reasons


Constantly tired despite sufficient sleep

Those who are always tired after at least eight hours of sleep a day should look for causes. Because the funds can be serious.

Eight hours a night are still considered the standard recommendation of the medical profession when it comes to sleep. But there are people who go to bed early, sleep up to ten hours or more just to feel exhausted, exhausted and tired the next morning. If this happens regularly, it is called "chronic fatigue". It extends to the day and indicates a more serious cause than "just" sleep deprivation. The following serious diseases are considered as a reason for lead fatigue.

Chronic fatigue may indicate lack of nutrients. (Photo: sebra /

iron deficiency

Anyone who feels constantly flaccid and not aware of speed should have his iron value checked. Chronic fatigue may indicate that you have very little of the vital trace element in your blood. The result: red blood cells do not carry enough oxygen between the cells of the body. Especially women are frequently affected by iron deficiency, according to the German Medical Association.
Other signs include:

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Even with the lack of vitamin B12, these are the complaints mentioned above. Therefore, it is difficult to determine exactly what is missing in the body. Therefore, it is better to clarify the levels of iron and vitamin B12 in the blood picture. Especially vitamin B12 is in foods of animal origin

  • liver,
  • herring,
  • salmon,
  • beef,
  • Milk and dairy products,
  • oscillation

included. Therefore, vegetarians or vegans are most often affected by a deficiency.


Permanent fatigue and exhaustion can also be indications of an onset of diabetes. Due to insulin resistance, the body is no longer able to adequately metabolize the carbohydrate rate of food and convert it into energy for the cells of the body. After the CBC, discuss the blood sugar level with your doctor!

The blood image provides information about nutrient deficiency. (Image: StudioLaMagica /

Very little exercise

Anyone who sits in front of the screen all day in the office and prefers to sit on the couch in front of the TV at night rather than playing sports, you do not have to wonder if you get tired and lethargic. It has been proven that even moderate exercise (especially in fresh air) can reduce the states of exhaustion and make circulation work again.

Very little liquid

Doctors recommend that adults consume a liter and a half of water per day. Even more when you are ill, exercise too much or have high external temperatures. After all, the body's cells can only function and function properly if they are supplied with sufficient fluid.


Hay fever sufferers know this – when pollen flies, they have no choice but to take antiallergic drugs to contain the immune response. Unfortunately, some antihistamines have the disadvantage of leaving you very sleepy. Therefore, it is best to take these before going to bed at night.


When the thyroid gland fails, the entire body is affected. Because the inconspicuous organ is an important hormone exchange center, it controls not only the metabolism but also other processes in the body.
In subfunction, enough thyroxine and triiodothyronine hormones are not produced, which negatively affects other organs of the body. When fatigue persists and other symptoms such as

  • The sensitivity to cold,
  • Weight gain or
  • indifference

In addition, it is advisable to visit the doctor. (Fs)


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