Commons Foundation signs Blockchain Business deal supported by Paraguayan government | 11/19/18


Combining Paraguay's plentiful and profitable electricity with the Common Foundation's blockchain technology know-how, it is establishing the world's largest crypto-sedimentary mining center and an international stock exchange.

  • In the board The Golden Goose project will create the world's largest crypto-gold mining center and an international crypto-coins exchange.
  • Paraguay, which operates one of the most important hydroelectric plants in the world, has Duration of 15 years of stable electricity prices, which represents one fifth of the sum of what South Korea provides.
  • The government of Paraguay has an area of ​​five times for mining centers and infrastructure 10,000m2 (total 50,000m2).
  • The shareholders of the Golden Goose project will receive a share of the profits from the mining centers in the amount of 30% and 70% of the daily price gains.
  • Participants in the "Golden Goose" project receive mining awards and are paid daily at MicroBitcoin (MBC).

SEOULSouth Korea, 19. November 2018 / PRNewswire / – The Common Foundation of the Blockchain Technology Foundation announced on November 6 that it has signed a contract to build the world's largest crypto-gold mining center and the international crypto-coins exchange with government support in Ciudad City. of the East.

The contract aims to install five mining centers (covering an area of ​​approximately 50,000 square meters) near the world's largest clean energy plant, the Itaipu hydroelectric power plant and a 15-year, one-year mining facility. while securing high-speed Internet networks and enacting laws for all businesses needed for this project.

The Itaipu hydroelectric plant, in Paraguay has the world's most authoritative annual production of 103.1 TW.

"Only 10 to 20% of the energy generated by the Itaipu hydroelectric plant will be in Paraguay consumed. More than 80% of the energy is exported abroad. We will be in Paraguay Using clean, abundant, and cost-effective energy, it has reached the largest mining center in the world, "he said. Choi Yong-KwanPresident of the Commons Foundation.

According to the Commons Foundation, this agreement allows us to focus on the "Golden Goose" project in Paraguay to concentrate. In addition, the Commons Foundation announced that it plans to use MicroBitcoin (MBC), which is an open source project for which the Commons Foundation contributes. Project participants will receive a 30% profit share from the Criptomoeda Mining Center and 70% of the profits from the International Cryptocurrency Exchange, which will be paid at MBC.

The Commons Foundation plans, with the support of the Paraguay pre-sale and offer for the IPO and a commercial agreement for the establishment of the Cryptomeo Mining Center and the Cryptomeo Paraguay safe.

He plans to participate in the project through various methods, for example. For example, through the pre-sale of MicroBitcoin (MBC), BTC (Bitcoin) and Ethereum (ETH).

Choi Yong-Kwan "We are going to create a new world-class ecosystem through the Golden Goose project, which is the world's largest crypto-gold mining center and the largest crypto-currency exchange in the world."

"The government of Paraguay will actively support the Common Foundation's "Golden Goose" project and create tax benefits through constitutional reviews, "he said. Hugo Velazquez MorenoVice-President of Paraguay,

The project marks the first milestone in building a blockchain ecosystem in South America.

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