Coach secretly filmed dozens of children in locker rooms


The culprit filmed children in the locker rooms of two swimming pools and a gym. (Icon)

images: Keystone / Luis Berg

More than a year ago, a 21-year-old football coach secretly films 80 children and teenagers in the locker rooms of the Lucerne swimming pools and a gym. Now the alleged author has been arrested.

According to a media report, a football coach secretly filmed about 80 children and teenagers in various locker rooms in Lucerne. The recordings lasted more than a year. The 21-year-old was arrested.

As the newspaper "CH Media" reported on Thursday, citing a spokesman for the Lucerne Public Prosecutor's Office, the photos were taken between November 2017 and December 2018. The man recorded his mostly male victims in the video locker room and filmed them naked among other Gang in the shower. His camera positioned the man in locker rooms for swimming pools or gyms. Partially, he also filmed from outside into the building.

Affected are supposedly three classes of Horw primary school in the local pool, and two classes of Neuenkirch, who were swimming in Emmen. In addition, four junior teams from the Emmen sports club were filmed in the changing rooms. The photos also show about ten teachers or coaches. Authorities are in the process of identifying victims. Parents of children in the affected classes were informed in writing this week.

Like a craftsman disguised in locker rooms

The alleged assailant was arrested after a guest at the pool in Emmen noticed that a cell phone was taking pictures. The author agrees with the spokesman of the authorities confessed. The Swiss, among other things, gained access to the changing rooms as an artisan. The man is according to the report to an assistant coach of the sports club Emmen. He had to give up his position and have a ban on the house.

Police invaded the man and seized several records. According to the prosecutor's spokesman, there are no indications that the man posted the videos he made on the Internet. The quality of recordings is also "bad," people are difficult to identify.

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