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On May 10, 2019, the Lufthansa subsidiary, Edelweiss, will begin a 16-hour round trip to the North Pole from Zurich. Tickets are available starting at 499 euros. The flight will be accompanied by researchers and polar scientists who provided basic information and entertainment oriented to the theme, writes "Schweiz am Wochenende".

But only CO2Aircraft emissions are again criticized by weather protectors. The fact that Edelweiss is flying to a region that is particularly affected by climate change is therefore not very well received. "This contradicts the current debate on environmental damage caused by the expanding aviation industry," says Florian Brunner of the Swiss Energy Foundation.

Panoramic flight exists ten years ago

Greenpeace Switzerland also criticizes. "This offer is definitely going in the wrong direction, it's a no-go," says Georg Klingler, Climate Chief. The shrinkage of the glacier can also be observed in Switzerland.

The round trip is organized by the German company Air Event. Edelweiss is not the initiator, says a Swiss spokesman at the weekend. One of them concluded a full charter contract with Air Event, the company decides on the commercial responsibility, flight route and commercialization of the flight.

The German company has offered the flight for ten years, he says. So far, they have worked with Air Berlin following the bankruptcy of the Air Event along with Edelweiss. The purpose of the flight is to create awareness about the greenhouse effect. Through the Myclimate organization, CO2 compensated. There was a "very appropriate interest" in the tourist flight.

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