China "produces" genetically modified babies for the first time


He says it "removed the molecular entry portal into the genetic material of girls through which HI viruses can infect humans." The news arrived on Monday not accidentally, but one day before the international summit on "Human Genome Editing", starting today, Tuesday, in the

University of Hong Kong will happen.

There was much emotion: "The secondary and late consequences of such interventions are still incalculable and difficult to control," he says. Peter Dabrock ,

Also the US researcher

Jennifer Doudna, one of the creators of Crispr /cas9, criticized on Monday in Hong KongIf confirmed, this work breaks with the restrained and transparent approach of the global scientific community in the application of Crispr.cas9 to edit the human germline. "It is urgent to establish clear boundaries for genetic manipulation in embryos.It should be used only when there is a clear medical need and there is no other treatment.Because the special thing about the genetic changes of an embryo is that they are passed on to the next generations, because they are also found in germ cells, such as ova and sperm.

The scissors of the Crispr gene are used in research on microorganisms and plants. in China even pigs were genetically modified. Now people are there.


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