Chief of Juso Tamara Funiciello resigns


Juso's boss, Tamara Funiciello, resigns at the end of August. "It's time for fresh blood," says the 29-year-old. In the fall, she's running to the National Council.

Tamara Funiciello (29) resigns as president of Juso Suiza. At the end of August, she will resign after three years. That explained the 29-year-old man Saturday afternoon at the meeting of the Juso delegate in Aarau. "It has been an honor for me to preside over the last three years the largest and most powerful young party in Switzerland. We bother them until they hear us! "The 29-year-old is quoted at the Juso launch.

For TeleZüri, she expresses herself for the reasons. "It's time for new blood, I achieved my goals as president," observes Funiciello. Above all, she thinks of the new feminist movement that started it.

«Do not leave a mark without trace»

Funiciello polarized with his performances as president of Juso. She was regularly a victim of insults and personal threats. More recently, when she called the song "079" from Lo & Leduc, causing a shit. "It does not pass without a trace," says the president of Juso to TeleZüri. The resignation, but it has nothing to do with it.

Tamara Funiciello remains true to politics. On the one hand, as Bernese councilor, on the other hand, she runs the Berne SP list for the National Council in the fall. With this greater objective, the withdrawal is not related, guarantees Funiciello. The new president elects the young socialists in August. (Man)


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