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The Norwegian Carlsen has angered chess enthusiasts around the world. He had the book in hand in the last game of classical thinking with Schwarz and a little more time for reflection. The road to victory was not predetermined, but he could have done well in imprecise movements of the American Caruana. Carlsen's approach leaves only one conclusion: in the tiebreak, the world champion is a clear favorite, otherwise he would not have forced the tie with the offer.

"I was not in the mood to punch, I'm happy with the draw," Carlsen said later. Caruana was surprised by the division: "It was very difficult, he was very well prepared and with my position I had no chance to win."

The decision for the chess crown falls after a day of rest Wednesday in the 16-gear tiebreak. Then there are four fast chess games with a 25-minute reflection time plus 10 seconds of credit per turn. If there is no winner, five mini-matches will be followed with five minutes per player and three seconds of credit per turn. If there are no winners yet, there will be an Armageddon game in which Black ties one minute less in the clock (4 minutes) to get the title. The winner of the draw can choose the color of the pieces.

In 2016, Carlsen defended his title in a tiebreak against Russian Sergei Karjakin 3-1 in the four fast chess games with success. After the game on Monday, the Caruana fans' camp should have gotten bigger. And if Carlsen, 27, really loses against a yearlong challenger, he should be annoyed with the premature draw on Monday.


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