Chaos due to winter in spring: game FCL against YB in danger +++ traffic jams and blockades in A2


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The clocks were changed to DST, but the time is back in the winter. In Switzerland, partly snow to the plains. Traffic on roads and rails is impaired.

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The street Amsteg – Gurtnellen in the canton of Uri is closed on Thursday from 12 clock. A reevaluation takes place on Friday morning at 8 o'clock.


Chaos prevails on the streets in many places because of the snow. Individual sections are blocked. The playing field at the Swisspor Arena in Lucerne is also covered with snow at the moment. Whether the FCL match against YB takes place on Thursday night, the league decides in the afternoon. At 3 pm the place is inspected.

10:17 clock

The A2 motorway to the south is Amsteg closed for Göschenenas cantonal police Uri announced on request. De Erstfeld brings the beginning of winter road users huge problems. So the traffic jams. Also on the main roads is partly nothing more. The Schöllenen is currently closed, as is the road between Gurtnellen and Wassen. Also interrupted is the connection between Wassen and Färnigen.

In the canton of Uri, there were also several traffic accidents. These occurred in Andermatt, Schattdorf, Gurtnellen and Erstfeld. Fortunately, only one person was injured.

Webcam in front of the Gotthard tunnel in Göschenen.

Webcam in front of the Gotthard tunnel in Göschenen.

10:13 clock

Not only in central Switzerland, the onset of winter brought chaos:

09:55 a.m.

In the mountains, avalanche danger increased considerably due to the large amount of fresh snow. The strongest snowfall was in the main Alpine ridge, from the Simplon region to the Gotthard region, as well as in western Ticino. There fell one meter of snow, as the Institute for Snow Research and Avalanche SLF told the SDA news agency.

Warning level four avalanche hazard

On the five-point scale, warning level four – "great avalanche hazard" is currently valid for large parts of the main Alpine ridge: from Zermatt to Bernina and south, in the areas of Aletsch, Schreckhorn, Guttannen, Gadmertal, Meiental, Maderanertal and Bivio. In many other areas, the danger of the avalanche is "considerable."

The institute warns that fresh snow and drifting snow can lead to spontaneous avalanches, possibly also to large avalanches. This endangers, inter alia, exposed routes. Safe off-piste activities are not recommended. The present conditions are very dangerous.

The current depth of snow in Switzerland (Source: Meteonews)

The current depth of snow in Switzerland (Source: Meteonews)

09:50 clock

Traffic on A2 To the south. Nidwalden police are currently responsible for all vehicles Beckenried of the highwayThis will stay that way until the tunnel Seelisberg it is passable again.

09:15 clock

We are looking for your photos of snow swirls

April does what he wants and brings back a white landscape. Are you struggling with the snow? Send us your snow photos and videos via Form.

We will show you the most stunning and beautiful images of our site.

Aro Dog at the Richard Wagner Museum in Lucerne. (Image:, Heidi Aschwanden)
While the forsythia smoke carries a heavy burden, children enjoy the playground in the snow. (Image: Karl Graf, Stansstad, April 4, 2019)
Yesterday and today; For the first time the weather forecast was true. (Image: Margrith Imhof-Röthlin, Meggen, April 4, 2019)
It's not basketball season in Uri now. (Image:, Janet Lang)
An Easter bunny in the snow. (Picture: Silvia Baumann)
This is how it looks on Thursday morning in Schwarzenberg (Lucerne). (Image:, Pia closing time)
Also on this terrace looks once again the winter is over. (Image: Reader Reporter, Schlierbach, April 4, 2019)
Snow covers the drainer. (Image: Maria Infanger-Steiner, Melchtal, April 4, 2019)

April, April does what he wants: the most beautiful readers of early winter

8:17 clock

Do not run on rails

  • The operation of the Matterhorn Gotthard railways is partially halted. The Furka transport car between Oberwald (VS) and Realp (UR) is currently discontinued. Reason for this is a roadblock between Realp and Hospental due to the danger of avalanche.
  • The route between Andermatt and Tschamut-Jungle is interrupted. The reason is the danger of avalanche. Currently, no substitute transportation is possible. Travelers to Glacier Express 902 and 923 will be redirected via Zurich.
  • The route between Realp and Hospental is interrupted. The reason is the danger of avalanche. Currently, no substitute transportation is possible.
08:10 clock

Patience is needed in the canton of Obwalden

  • The road between Grafenort and Engelberg is closed in both directions.
8:03 clock

In A2 the traffic stops in different places

  • Direction Lucerna Gotthard: The Seelisberg tunnel is closed.
  • Direction of Lucerna Gotthard: between the junction Altdorf and Amsteg traffic jam.
  • Direction of Basel Lucerne: between Emmen-Nord and the traffic stagnant Junction Rotsee due to overload.
  • Direction of Lucerne Gotthard: between the traffic of Erstfeld and Amsteg.
  • Direction of Lucerna Gotthard: between the heavy traffic center of the Ripshausen service area and the Gotthard tunnel closed for trucks.
07:47 clock

The following roads in the canton of Uri are closed after a heavy snowfall:

  • Gurtnellen – Pfaffensprung
  • Wassen – Färnigen
  • Göschenen – Hospental (due to the snow slide)
  • Hospental – Realp (due to avalanche danger)

Zwischenduch a nice news: The Intschialtbachbrücke in Gurtnellen is open on Thursday from 9 clock in both directions to PW up to 3.5 t until further notice.


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