Change in Zurich: Cathay brings A350-1000 to third European city


After Amsterdam and Madrid comes to Zurich. Cathay Pacific is moving its flights to the Swiss city for the new Airbus A350-1000.

Everything is new April: Since early summer, Cathay Pacific flies with the largest A350 variant from Hong Kong to Zurich. The A350-1000 replaces the Boeing 777 in the daily flight between the two cities. After Cathay's new long-haul aircraft celebrated its European debut in Amsterdam last December, the city of Madrid is now joined by the third European destination, the Swiss banking city.

The Airbus A350-1000 is nearly seven meters longer than the A350-900 and carries an additional 54 passengers at Cathay Pacific. The difference lies essentially in the much larger economic class. After Qatar Airways, Cathay is only the second airline, owner of the largest A350.

There is no more first class

For passengers, changing the model of the aircraft also changes the product of the cabin. The A350-1000 is the newest member of the Hong Kong fleet and has the most up-to-date booth. In contrast to the Boeing 777 with four classes, the new A350 no longer has any first class. The business is shrinking slightly to 46 seats, but that does not change the 1-2-1 configuration at an angle. Premium Economy continues to consist of four rows in a 2-4-2 configuration. The seats are half an inch or 1.4 inches wider and have more legroom than the Triple Seven.

The economy is growing by almost 70 seats to 256 units, but remains identical to that used previously for the Zurich Boeing 777 in a 3-3-3 deal. However, the seats are narrower by half an inch due to the narrower hull, but the seat spacing remains unchanged at 81cm. All armchairs have a USB port, tablet stand and touch screen. All Airbus A350-1000 are equipped with Wifi.

See Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-100 and its cabin in the image gallery above.


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