Champions League: Morata’s “Phantom Hattrick” and 6 other highlights


Alvaro Morata cannot believe his bad luck. image: screenshot

Morata’s “ghost hat trick” – and 6 other things that stood out in the Champions League

Morata dreifaches VAR-Drama

A hat trick in a Champions League game – almost every striker dreams. For Juve striker Álvaro Morata, his three goals against FC Barcelona were a nightmare. Because none of them counted. Each time, the 28-year-old Spaniard was a little too close to the goal and therefore prevented, as VAR revealed in all three cases.

The three denied Morata hit fast. Video: streamable

Morata was on the verge of despair. After the third offside goal, the two-time Champions League champion with Real Madrid looked at the line judge and Dutch referee Danny Makkelie for a long time. “Well, now count,” Morata seemed to be asking. A little later, the referee was unable to suppress a small smile on his cane teeth when the VAR informed him that Morata was again out of the way. The Spaniard, on the other hand, found it less funny because he was very close every time.

The impediment proof:

15 minutes: offside. image: screenhot

30 minutes: offside. image: screenshot

55 minutes: offside. image: screenshot

It is wrong to think that there was never a “ghost trick” (photo) of a single player in the history of football. The same fate as Morata fell on Stuttgart striker Mario Gomez in 2019. At that time, the retired VfB striker also scored three times against SV Sandhausen, but the three goals were denied by the video referee .

Winners of Barça’s first exchange

Before this season, there was a spectacular exchange of players between Juventus Torino and FC Barcelona. The two midfielders Arthur and Miralem Pjanic changed clubs. Barça sold Arthur to the champion of the Italian series for 72 million euros and guaranteed the services of Miralem Pjanic in exchange for 65 million euros.

Barça fans couldn’t believe it and asked themselves: a 23-year-old “super talent” for a young man in his 30s who seems to have passed his peak? As well? They got the answer last night. While Arthur, who had not yet made it to Juve, was only substituted in the 83rd minute and failed to hit any accents, Pjanic pulled the master strings along with Frenkie de Jong in Barça’s defensive midfield. Only Messi had more ball possession at Barça, and at 12.32 kilometers the Bosnian was also the most enthusiastic of all players.

Pjanic has ab. Image:

Bullshit Ronaldos

Cristiano Ronaldo was not allowed to participate in the game last night because he tested positive for the corona virus before the game. The Portuguese broadcaster “TV1” reported yesterday that the five-time world football champion had already passed 18 tests and tested positive every time. No wonder the frustration is deep. Before the game, the 35-year-old Portuguese man wrote on Instagram that he felt “well and healthy”. A little later, he described the standard PCR test as “bullshit” in a comment.

image: instagram screenshot

But that does not mean that the CR7 can spoil the fun in quarantine. With the Juve jersey, he did a short workout on the treadmill in the afternoon – the exit afterwards was very much to Ronaldo’s face …

The gallop of 17 years

«Youth, please take over!» Something like that is currently the watchword in the Champions League. Marcus Rashford, Kai Havertz, Jadon Sancho and Erling Haaland are just over 20 years old, but football fans around the world have known them for a long time. But the younger generation is already pushing. Four 17-year-old players, at least partially, made their mark in yesterday’s round.

  • Pedri (FC Barcelona): The Spanish Under-21 international came from Las Palmas to Barça for € 5 million in the summer and was sent to the field for the third consecutive time against Juve. He did an excellent job on the left and harmonized very well, especially with Messi.

Pedri is not impressed with Cuadrado’s tackle. Image: keystone

  • Ansu Fati (FC Barcelona): Barça’s second super talent came on 66 minutes for Ousmane Dembélé and raised the penalty to 2-0. On the rebates, he missed the 3-0 when he wanted to put down Martin Braithwaite instead of shooting himself.
  • Giovanni Reyna (Borussia Dortmund): Under Lucien Favre, the American boy is always defined this season. In the offensive midfield, he always creates moments of surprise with his speed and ball security. Also yesterday in Dortmund’s 2-0 victory over Zenit St.Petersburg.
  • Jude Bellingham (Borussia Dortmund): He entered the game against Zenit in the 84th minute for Reyna and fit the team perfectly. In the rebates he prepared 2-0 through Haaland with a header.

Dortmund’s 2-0 against Zenit by Haaland. Video: streamable

Football coach, not model

RB Leipzig dropped 5-0 against Manchester United yesterday. But the Germans were not as desperate as the result seems. However, what draws the most attention in the guests is the jacket of Julian Nagelsmann. When asked about his taste for fashion after the game, the RB coach reacted quite irritated. “Your jacket won’t end up in the closet like a lucky jacket, will it?” Asked a Sky reporter. Nagelsmann, who already drew attention with special costumes in the Champions League finals in the summer, just replied:

“We are not going to talk much about my clothes. I wear what I like. I am a football coach, not a model. “

Nagelsmann looks like a model alongside Solskjaer. Image: keystone

Navas makes the new

PSG goalkeeper Keylor Navas did not have much to do in the 2-0 win over Basaksehir Istanbul. The Turks fired 16 shots, but only four of them hit the Costa Rican goal. Just before the end, Navas apparently felt Manuel Neuer inside him, a little bored.

There is no other explanation for your 84-minute tour. The PSG goalkeeper collided with a ball in the box and then walked happily along the touchline before passing the device to Moise Kean and heading back into the box.

Navas excursion towards Basaksehir. Video: streamable

Kean is blooming again

Speaking of Moise Kean: Juve’s former super talent was stamped as a wrong purchase at Everton last season and therefore loaned to PSG in the summer. In Paris, the 20-year-old Italian seems to be finally blooming. The striker finally gets the necessary confidence from coach Thomas Tuchel and Kean reciprocates immediately.

Against Basaksehir, he scored both goals in the 2-0 victory. He had already scored twice in Ligue 1 in the 4-0 victory over Dijon. And after Neymar’s failure through injury, Kean can also have a lot of playing time in the next matches.

These clubs won the handlebar pot

You know these 10 types of crew, unfortunately!

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