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Champions League: 8 things we saw on matchday two

A lot of discussion: Real is in last place after two games. Image: EPA

False start of Real and 7 other things we saw yesterday in the premier class

Here are the most important scenes from last night:

Historic Watschn for Tottenham

Wow, what a football night in London! One that Tottenham Hotspur fans would like to erase from their memory. At 2: 7, Bayern Munich's Spurs are run in their own stadium. The German press speaks of "Oktoberfest in London".

In fact, it could have been quite different, because in the first half, the Englishman dominated his opponents seemingly at ease. But thanks to a little luck and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer Bayern has already led to the 2: 1 break. Then, in the end, reached a "Watschn" of historical proportions. Never in club history has Tottenham conceded seven goals in a home match – until yesterday.

And at the same time, in the history of all European football competitions, Bayern is the first foreign club to score seven goals on English soil.

Krasser fake start of Real

The false start of Real in the new Champions League season is perfect. After Madrid were introduced at the opening of Paris Saint-Germain, there was only a 2-2 draw against Bruges. Real are in last place after two games in group A.

It is the first time in the club's history that Royal have not won after two Champions League games. And the Spanish recovery after the delay of two goals of clowning was controversial. why:

Ramos VAR goal disputed

It was Sergio Ramos, without whom Real in the last Champions League has always lost, that started the recovery. In the live image, however, the captain's goal looked a lot like the offside.

Sergio Ramos makes it 2-1 for Real Madrid. Video: Stream

The video assistant then checked the situation again – and it was very thin. Millimeter decided in favor of Ramos. But you can understand Bruges fans if they see things differently.

The VAR decision in favor of Sergio Ramos. Photo: scrsenshot sky

Dennis Special Rejoicing

He beat Belgian champion Bruges against Real Madrid. In a 2-2 draw, Nigerian Emmanuel Dennis scored both goals. Both goals were quite curious because the striker tripped both times.

0: 1 for Bruges by Dennis. Video: Stream

The 0: 2 for Bruges by Dennis Video: Stream

After the second goal, the 21-year-old applauded as his idol Cristiano Ronaldo: he started, jumped in the air, turned 180 degrees and spread his arms.

Then applaud Emmanuel Dennis against Real Madrid

Dennis explained his action: "Cristiano Ronaldo is my favorite player. I'm sad that he left Real Madrid. I was so cheering to show that something was missing."

Eden Hazards special honor

And another player from Bruges made clear quotes. Ruud Vormer, captain of the Belgian master, was asked by Dutch journalists before the game whether it was special to play against a star like Eden Hazard. Vormer, 31, answered dryly:

Captain Ruud Vormer of Bruges. Image: EPA

Vormer was also in the field in focus. Because just before the end of the game he saw yellow-red – and just a minute later managed to tie Casemiro with the final score 2-2.

Swiss support papers

While other players make headlines, Swiss legionaries are doomed to watch in Champions League clubs. Remo Freuler was not on the starting grid for the second consecutive time at Atalanta and had to watch as his team lost in the last second against Schachtar Donetsk. In the 95th minute, the Ukrainians scored the goal of 2: 1.

Not currently defined as Atalanta: Remo Freuler. Image: EPA / ANSA

At Dynamo Zagreb, Mario Gavranovic was still in the finals. He could no longer prevent the 2-0 defeat at Manchester City. Meanwhile, his teammate and compatriot François Moubandje was not on Zagreb's team.

Atalanta cannot Champions League

Two games, two bitter defeats: Atalanta Bergamo is the start of the completely failed Champions League season. Yesterday's defeat against Shakhtar Donetsk was almost more bitter than the 0-4 defeat by Zagreb.

Because in fact Bergamasken had to win the game easily. They were brutally superior in the first half but lost chance by chance. Josip Ilicic missed a penalty.

Ilicic's penalty. Video: Stream

The 1-0 for Atalanta by Zapata. Video: Stream

It came as it had to come: Donetsk equalized after Atalanta's lead by Zapata just before the break. And in the fifth minute of the break – practically equivalent to the final whistle – the Ukrainians really scored the winning goal.

1: 1 for Schachtar by Junior Moraes .. Video: Stream

1: 2 to Schachtar at the last second. Video: streamable

Ronaldo's next record

Hardly passes a Champions League journey without Cristiano Ronaldo set a new record. Thanks to Juventus's 3-0 win over Bayer Leverkusen, the Portuguese is now the most successful player in league history with 105 wins. He surpassed previous record holder Iker Casillas (104 wins).

In addition, thanks to its 3-0 win, the CR7 is also one of three players to have scored in 14 consecutive seasons in the Champions League.

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