Carmen Geiss publishes a horrible image of her foot surgery


Updated April 1, 2019, 12:22

In Instagram, Carmen Geiss published photos directly from the OP – and they are not for the faint of heart.

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Her fans love Carmen Geiss especially for the fact that she also openly shares bad situations in life. But as far as Robert Geiss' wife goes he should have taken his fans by surprise.

From his foot surgery, the millionaire's wife posted some photos directly from the operating table via Instagram. The series begins with a selfie of Carmen Geiss, which she shows in the hospital bed.

But if the user continues to search the gallery, the open interface of his leg can be seen suddenly, and the image shows how the fastening plate was inserted in the heel trimmed.

+ + + Caution: These photos are not for the faint of heart +++

In a hotel in Munich, the 53-year-old broke his heels and heels during a fall from the stairs and was operated on at his foster home, Monaco.

For her horror pictures of the operating table, she writes: "I'm glad I was operated on and not even 24 hours have already been fired.All this I have great people to thank, friends who are in need!"

Overall, she is again relatively well after the fall, only the change from high heels to low shoes was unusual. She then gave her fans a well-meaning advice: "Your feet should not be faster than your eyes." (Jkl)
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