Monday , October 25 2021

Café awakens the spirits and helps to do more sports


Too tired for exercise and sports? Scientists at the University of Queensland have found that drinking a cup of tea or coffee a day helps them move on.

Women who drink one to two cups of tea or coffee a day are more physically active than those who consume these drinks less often. This is the result of a study from the School of Humanities and Nutrition at the University of Queensland. Researchers suspect the effect is due to contained caffeine. "Tea and coffee drinkers are less likely to feel tired and have more energy," says study author Dr. Tina Skinner.

One to two cups of coffee a day makes you fit

How healthy is the coffee?

A woman with the coffee mug

Coffee contains many substances that can affect your health.

Breakfast – and the day is saved, it's at least the most Swiss. Some people can drink five cups of coffee and still sleep well, others steal a small cup of sleep. The reason for this is apparently a different sensitivity to caffeine.

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For those who drank one to two cups of coffee a day, they were 17% more likely to reach the recommended level of exercise. For those who drank one to two cups of tea, the value was 13 to 26% higher. The results of the study can be found in the journal "International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health".

Who drinks more coffee lives longer

Good news for coffee lovers: the caffeine potion prolongs life! Anyone who drinks at least four cups a day will increase their lives by 64% compared to those who do not drink coffee.

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Caffeine reduces risk of type 2 diabetes, dementia and some cancers

"The consumption of the natural and abundant caffeine in the alkaloid of coffee and tea has been associated with several health benefits," says Dr. Skinner. Studies have shown that caffeine can help make more effort in the sport. "Caffeine is also associated with reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, dementia and some cancers," said Skinner. The study examined the habits of 7,580 women born between 1946 and 1951, who participated in a long-term Australian study on women's health. (Aponet)

Calories in espresso, latte macchiato, cappuccino

Latte Macchiatos & Co. is becoming more and more popular.

Latte Macchiatos & Co. is becoming more and more popular.

Espresso, latte macchiato, cappuccino and co. They are often welcome helpers when we have a long day ahead. But are popular energy pumps also useful as part of a weight reduction? Which coffee makes the thickest?

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