Bug allows spy attacks on iPhones


January 29, 2019 –
A fatal flaw in the group chat application, Apple's Facetime, makes iPhone a bug. The patch may just be waiting.

As reported by "9to5mac", the current version of Facetime hides a fatal software bug. This makes it possible to use an iPhone to spy on other iPhones and even MacOS devices. When exploiting the vulnerability, the target device can access the audio and video feeds. In principle, every iPhone becomes a potential bug.

Abusing the gap is not difficult, as the report says. When inviting a contact to a group chat at the moment, a caller can access the live record from the target device and hear everything that happens at the other end of the line. On the victim's side, the call rings as usual, but the microphone is already active. With a little extra trick, the camera can also be played, as it's called. Even more significant is the error with MacOS, since the time of the call attempt by default is longer, and therefore longer can be heard.

Apple has responded by temporarily disabling FaceTime group chat. The company said an update will be released later this week. So if you want to be sure, temporarily disable Facetime in iOS settings.


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