Saturday , November 28 2020

Brabus cafetina the smart electrician


After a cure on the Brabus tuner, the Smart Ultimate E blows your cheeks – and is starting at 92 hp.

Benjamin Bessinger, SP-X

The setting somewhat resembles Asterix and the magic potion. Because, at first glance, the Smart is a small car in perfect condition that roams the city in a noisy and cheerful way, but extremely quiet. But what your druid is for Gaul, the Brabus company is for the Smart, and instead of a magic potion there’s a good deal of vitamin B.

Ultimate E manages the standard sprint in 10.9 seconds - but it looks a lot faster
Fun guarantee

Ultimate E manages the standard sprint in 10.9 seconds – but it looks much faster


Although the tuned Smart is 18 inches, half a wave is enough
Put there

Although the tuned Smart is 18 inches, half a wave is enough


There's a lot of leather inside

There’s a lot of leather inside


The result, however, is the same: the magic awakens unimaginable powers in the little one, and the cute one turns into a rabid man who freely flexes his muscles: Welcome to the new Smart Ultimate E – the electric speedster for the level highest in the great city of Tetris.

If you want to play, press the new fun switch while driving on the center console and switch from strong recovery E mode or comfortable normal operation to Sport or Sport +. Then the poisonous little dwarf eagerly rests on the controls of his right foot and becomes a lightning ball on wheels: as if trying to compete with Porsche & Co., he shoots at traffic lights, leaves (almost) all other users road back and dig in an intermediate race through rush hour traffic like a ski pro through the bars in the giant slalom.

Who feels so agile and aggressive to the point of being even more surprised by the technical data: Should the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h actually take 10.9 seconds? Yes, because the engine actually only jumps from 60 to 68 kW / 92 PS and, instead of 160, there should be only 180 Nm of torque. Rarely has theory been so inferior to practice. And if you can travel 157 kilometers as in the Smart EQ or 125 kilometers on a battery charge, as in Ultimate E, it doesn’t make much difference either – no one wants to sit on a Smart for much longer.

But at Brabus it’s never just about performance. And even though forged 18-inch models with their thin rubber films look more impressive than standard bikes, modifications to the chassis are also irrelevant. Especially since the Smart is not a very comfortable car, even with the Brabus version.

Ultimate E’s appearance is what counts. Outside, there is the so-called Widestar body with a new front section with large fan and heavily extended fenders. And inside, leather in particular makes a difference. Because since all plastics are covered with bovine leather, even a Smart doesn’t seem to have been developed for the discount store anymore. Only the retro charm of old-fashioned instruments and the now – modest – comfort of the slim seats do not change the Brabus.

However, Ultimate E really makes you want more with its modern look and compromised driving behavior. But there won’t be. Because this car is definitive not only in terms of direction and appearance. But also over time. As Daimler will soon discontinue smart production and feature a successor from China, Ultimate E is also the latest of its kind. Brabus can also pay for it like a prince: at least 57,000 euros.

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