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Börse Express – Currency Exchange: Euro remains moderately in red

The euro course became on Friday
has also changed to a slightly lower level in US trade. The last was
the common European currency was $ 1.1334.
On Wednesday, the euro was still above the $ 1.14 mark
noted. The European Central Bank (ECB) had the benchmark
Late at 1.3446 (Thursday: 1.1424) US dollars.
The dollar cost 0.8814 (0.8754) euros.

The euro was already under pressure on Thursday. O
The dollar benefits from the expectation of further increases in interest rates
the US Federal Reserve. On Thursday night, the Fed had its
Although interest rates remain unchanged. But she signaled more

"Obviously, but some market participants clearly have
more cautious formulations expected, "comments currency expert
Esther Reichelt of Commerzbank. New increases in interest rates
December and beyond, therefore, also after the
Nothing in the way of the midterm elections for the US Congress. The next increase
is expected in December. Higher base rates tend to support
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