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The Netflix movie, "Bandersnatch," released in December, has been much debated over its interactive narrative structure in recent weeks. But apparently not everyone liked the well-known "Choose Your Own Adventure" model of the film. Because Netflix is ​​now sued by the author of the original book series.

"Well, what end do you have? This would probably be just about all fans of the popular anthology series Black mirror asked in the last few weeks. Because Netflix has given the new chapter of the series a very special touch: in the well-known "Choose your own adventure" –Style allowed viewers of the movie "Bandersnatch" make their own decisions. Starting with simple things like "What morning cereal do you want to eat?" up until "Do you want to kill your father or not?" It looks cool, but not everyone likes it Netflix used the known interactive model. Now the broadcasting giant is being sued by the author of the book series for a sizable $ 25 million.

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The Witcher (series)
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"Choose your own adventure"

For many, it is the future of movie viewing. At the touch of a button, decide how the characters in a movie or series continue. This provides the viewer with an interactive element and the feeling of being part of the story. But such a system is not new. Who early as a child already ventures books or the creepyR.L. Series Stine has read, this will be a known model. Yes, because even the books sent their readers on the road in the 1990s and offered several options on the pages of the book. But where does this idea come from?

Originally this works "Choose your own adventure"Model for a series of children's books from the 1980s and 1990s. Again, the reader assumes the lead role and can make decisions about the course of history. The whole thing became so popular that the most varied series of children's books adopted this model.

But why is Netflix being processed now?

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Vs Netflix Vs. Copyright

Reason for this is the sentence "Choose your own adventure", It belongs exclusively to the publisher of the old book series, Chooseco LLC, and was legally protected. As the Federal Court of Vermont announced in the complaint filed, the publisher claims to have strongly influenced this ruling since the 1980s. In addition, the author states that more than 265 million copies of his "Choose your adventure"Series and he is therefore entitled to this statement.

Netflix wanted to apply for the license for this sentence in 2016, but found a wall and was rejected by the publisher. But I already like the series Sabrina Cool AdventuresWhere filmmakers also approved the law and used protected symbols of the satanic church for their purposes, Netflix took the risk. And so was the sentence "Choose your own adventure" available a few times in the series.

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This did not attract the author of the book series. Your Reason: Netflix uses certain phrases from its popular series of books for nostalgic purposes. In addition, the film "Bandersnatch" gives the interactive model very dark and negative qualities. And then he sued the streaming service for a whopping $ 25 million.

In Bandersnatch, viewers decide on the fate of young Stefan, who wants to schedule and sell a game based on the book "Bandersnatch". But a mysterious force from outside seems to control him and almost drives him crazy. The interactive movie experience can be played on Netflix and has up to eight tips and more than one billion combinations of decisions.

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