Biermarkt: Head of Feldschlösschen expects consolidation – Blick


Feldschlösschen boss Thomas Amstutz can look back on a good financial year. Sales increase. However, there are now many breweries in Switzerland.

More brewery Feldschlösschen: Switzerland's largest breweries and beverages retailer was able to increase sales by 2% last year. For the main brand Feldschlösschen, there was a volume increase of 3%. How many million francs of sales and profits landed on the corporate treasury, said the brewer today no.

At the same time as the Feldschlösschen Communiqué, an interview with Thomas Amstutz (52) was published today. "Many companies will have difficulties," he announced in the "Aargauer Zeitung."

Only every second operation survives

Threat in the Swiss beer market, the big hangover? Switzerland now has the largest concentration of breweries in the world. But according to the head of the Feldschlösschen, Amstutz, this should change soon. He expects a wave of consolidation in the next five years. Only every second operation is likely to survive.

In the interview, Amstutz leaves more than 1000 breweries in Switzerland. So too many hobby farms would be counted. Professional working correct, there are 50 to 70 according to the boss Feldschlösschen. He says, "I suppose about 30 companies stay."

Son drinks more beer since military service

Acquisitions are not planned. Amstutz sees potential in non-alcoholic beer. "I think there's still a lot of potential for mid-day non-alcoholic beer, even if the competition with sweet drinks is high."

And how much beer does the chef drink? He had spent the last time in a non-alcoholic at noon because he was still playing tennis. "I drink a beer almost every day, usually at night," he tells the "Aargauer Zeitung."

And his two sons? "You never know that," says Amstutz. The youngest is 15 and should not have. The oldest (19) was not interested in beer in a long time. But: "The military has changed him. Every once in a while he drinks more than I do.


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