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  • Bern wins the 4th game of the playoff final in Zug with 3: 1.
  • Winner of the game for the Bernese is Gaëtan Haas with 2 goals.
  • Talk to the referees who decide several times for the disadvantage of Zuger.
  • After the 3rd victory in the series, the SCB is close to the 16th championship title.

No, Bern was not the best team in the 4th game. No, Berna did not have a chance. And no, Bern did not come up with the best options. And yet "Mutzen" won in the 4th game for the Swiss Ice Hockey title at Zug with 2: 1.

Three players played a decisive role in the SCB's success:

  • Gaëtan Haas: The Romand had lost in the last playoffs last injury and scored only one hit. But in the 4th game he scored both the 1: 0 (vide video above) and 2: 0. In addition, he blocked just before the end of a conclusion of Zuger, allowing Mark Arcobello to 3: 1 in the empty goal.
  • Leonardo Genoni: 37 shots fired Zuger in the Bernese box. But only once did Zurich hit its future employer. Genoni was once again a safe support for his team.
  • The referees: The referees whistled three times in crucial situations in favor of Zuger. After an alleged penalty Haas found at 1: 0, the 1: 1 draw was denied to the Zugers. Also, 2: 0 was not free from discussion.

Zuger can not be much accused in the second home game of the final series. They ran, they checked and fired. But the gates did not fall. And when Garrett Roe hit the target in the power play, the blow was not given because of the obstruction of the goalkeeper after the video consultation – a controversial decision.

Berne with luck

A little later, Haas rose on the opposite side to 2: 0. Although the referees looked to the repetition of this blow, but all they saw was a collapse of Matthias Bieber – an action that can not be punished later.

Thus, Zuger had to wait until the 45th minute before Lino Martschini, but still managed to score the connecting goal. The striker defeated Genoni after a magnificent cross pass in powerplay. However, the ECC's only success story should remain. The SCB guardian was very strong on Thursday.

Arcobello makes the cover on it

More than 2 minutes before the end, EVZ coach Dan Tangnes removed goalkeeper Tobias Stephan from the game. But poker did not open. Arcobello scored 3: 1 and finally secured SCB's third win in the final series.

In the series, Bern takes after 4 games with 3: 1 and needs only one more victory to rise to the champion.

Transmission Reference: SRF two, sportlive, 18.04.19, 19:40


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