Basel Regio takes the league title in NLB with a win away – club announcement – contribution


After Basel Regio showed a more than convincing (3: 5) performance in the World Cup last week as a nerd against the World Cup champion and the record of Swiss champion SV Wiler-Ersigen, he was now in the life of the championship to build. In the last game still "Underdog" Basler was clearly against the Zurich Oberländer (lower table) clearly as favorites in the game. The fact that this change could be difficult, especially in the mind, was well known to all involved.

However, Basler's players managed to convince in the first third. With a lot of possession and pleasant combinations, the Rheinstädter was able to set dangerous again and again before the opponent's goal. The only criticism at the time was efficiency. The Basler got into Powerplay Although the longing for goal, but they had to accept the action of the equalizer with the only action so far dangerous of the home team. But Patrick Mendelin had the right answer on his staff and brought the guest team back to the lead.

Reduction for two lines

In the middle third of Zurich, came into play better. Basler acted with the ball simply prone to errors. Although Schwob managed to take Basler 3: 1 ahead with one of the notorious long-range shots, the home team was able to react and balance the game by the end of the third. This led Basel coach Antti Peiponen to react and his team in two blocks. Basel Regio returned to being the dominant team and attacked the opponent from time to time in their own area. But the Pfannenstiel goalkeeper was at this stage several times in the limelight and assured that the home team, with the support of the loudest audience in the NLB, could continue to wait for a surprise.

At this time, Jolma proved her great value to the guests. After a striking ball victory, he pulled the goalkeeper out of Zurich alone and finally showed the necessary efficiency with which Basler could have won the game earlier and clearer. In the final minutes, Egg tried everything again to make up for the match. Although the Basler could have acted a little more confident at this stage, ultimately revealed the lack of quality of the home team in the game with the ball, so that the tight 4: 3 Basler deserved to play at home .

Next Saturday at 19.00, continues with the game at home in the St. Jakoboshalle against the floorball Langenthal Aarwangen. The UBR looks forward to similar support from the cup match against Wiler-Ersigen.


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