Bankers in Switzerland: How much do they earn


Updated May 1, 2019, at 10:56

Even a lower rank in the banking hierarchy brings a high salary: investment bankers quickly receive a salary of more than 200,000 francs. Swiss CEOs earn millions in the double-digit range.

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Bank bosses have gained too much, they have been criticized over and over again. In fact, CEOs pay well: "" posted the salaries of bank employees from various positions in Switzerland.

According to the news portal, UBS chief Sergio Ermotti earned about 14 million francs last year and Tidjane Thiam of Credit Suisse just under 13 million francs.

High banker bonuses

The salary is also high bonus added – despite the difficult market environment: "Banks are still under heavy-cost pressure," said Stephan Surber of recruiting and recruiting company Michael Page International for "".

Already the beginners do very well. As a junior portfolio manager, you get up to 130,000 francs a year – plus there is a bonus of an average of 20,000 francs. This was the result of a study by Michael Page on wages in the financial sector.

As an investment banker, you earn more

According to the study, top management salaries would quickly rise to more than 200,000 Swiss francs. Overall, they remained stable.

A change in competition is usually worthwhile: you can count on a new financial institution with five to ten percent more salary.

In the city you deserve better than in the country. Salaries in major cities, such as Zurich and Geneva, are about ten to fifteen percent higher than in the rest of Switzerland. "These cities are global financial centers," said Stephan Surber.

According to Surber, the lowest salaries of back office employees are found: they are responsible, in the background, for handling bank transactions. In private and investment banking, however, wages are higher. (APR)
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