Bang on the Mall of Switzerland: boss Jan Wengeler goes


Recently, the mall at Ebikon LU celebrated its first anniversary. The Mall of Switzerland is now heading for the future without its director Jan Wengeler. He leaves the company at the end of the year.

"A Successful Start" – how the Mall of Switzerland spearheaded its press release on a one-year anniversary in early November. So successful, but the beginning probably is not. Because, as the second largest shopping mall in Switzerland in the Ebikon LU announced today, former boss Jan Wengeler (40) launches the begging – after only a year of operation!

"LUCK LIEGE" was the title of LOOK at the opening of the center. The mall opened at the wrong time. Many malls are in crisis because they had to give up on big sales to online retailers. Wengeler was under pressure from the start. He had to live up to the desires of Abu Dhabi investors. Sheikhs injected 450 million Swiss francs from the Swiss oil business through their sovereign wealth funds to topple the UFO mall in Ebikon.

A look inside the second largest shopping mall in Switzerland, the Mall of Switzerland in Ebikon, opened today. (Archive)
A look at Switzerland's second largest shopping center

From traffic jams to litigation

Since opening on November 8, 2017, the mall and Wengeler have made headlines from many newspapers. Especially in the early days, the congestion around the mall has put the nerves of visitors, especially the locals, under test.

Number of visitors developed quite slowly. Originally, the mall wanted to receive five million visitors in its debut year. In the end, it was only enough for 3.9 million. Many of the customers reported empty corridors and little operation. Even when renting hapert. Part of the land is not rented today.

In the summer, a tenant also said goodbye to the German Coffee Fellows coffee shop. The claim of the Germans: The mall had violated the contract and a gastronomic offer of Migros allowed where it does the chain competition. The result: a process.

The concept of evacuation works

Even an evacuation because of a threat has the young shopping center behind. In March, visitors had to flee the shops. The whole thing went well though. Only their cars had to leave the buyers.

The shopping paradise also includes a nursery. Ten months after the opening, former officials raised serious allegations. Structural defects would have led to regular injuries. The Hort line rejected the charges.

Mall of Switzerland evacuated

Successor comes from Bernina

Wengeler's successor will now be Peter Triner (60). He worked for Triumph and Bernina Switzerland. Now, as a director, he must lead Switzerland's newest mall in the future. He takes the scepter on January 1, 2019. Until then, the two leaders work together, it is said.

Background of the change are, according to Shopping's statements 'organizational developments'. By 2019, center and asset management activities should be merged. Today, the two companies CBRE and LSGI Suisse were responsible for this.

The former, however, now give up their duties and leave. This should happen in the first half of 2019. According to the company, the organization will be "leaner, more agile and powerful." The benefits should also bring this to the tenants.


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