Monday , October 25 2021

Bad weather in Neuchâtel – four injured in Val-de-Ruz – News


Bad weather in Neuchâtel – four injured in Val-de-Ruz – News – SRF

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Cars and trailers in the middle of the river.


In a short time, the river overflowed by a meter and ripped everything off.

angular stone


  • During violent thunderstorms, four people were injured in Val-de-Ruz in the canton of Neuchâtel at night, one of them seriously.
  • The river between Dombresson and Villiers overflowed and carried dozens of cars. The street is closed after the police.

Heavy storms began on Friday at 10 pm. The stream that connects and crosses the two villages of Dombresson and Villier crossed the river. Its swollen floods tore through it all along the way.

Damage to buildings and roads

In Dombresson, the streets were more than a meter under water, as police spokesman Pierre-Louis Rochaix said. Dozens of vehicles were dragged. The seriously injured person was taken to the Inselspital in Bern, as Rochaix said. The other three injured got rid of minor injuries.

Damage to buildings is considerable. Underground garages and basements were flooded. The slopes slipped and the road between Dombresson and Le Pâquier was damaged. The street covered with rubble and washed cars remains closed for now.

Authorities warned residents not to enter underground car parks and similar facilities. Flooded street parts should also not be used.

SRF 4 News, 7:30 am; SDA / hue;


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