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"Bachelorette 2019": The Fremdschäm moments of the first episode

The new "Bachelorette" relay began. Already in the first episode, single men caused the shaking of the head.

The first episode of the current season of "Bachelorette" has it all: because to win the heart of Andrina Santoro (26) singles are not a pity. Blick looks at the biggest odd moments.

Bare photo for the bachelorette party

The fact that the candidates have a gift for the bachelorette party has been a good thing. But the Austrian Achi (29) wanted to exaggerate himself and brought a bare photograph to the bachelorette party. After all, he was so free and blamed the essentials.

This means Andrina: "I was speechless, the action was funny and it suits him, he stayed himself."

Achi drops the covers

As the naked photo was not enough, Achi added later: When he was dating, he undressed for Andrina. Only his underpants retained the Austrian.

This means Andrina: "His movements were a bit strange and I had to laugh a lot. It was not sexy, a bit embarrassing."

With a whip to know yourself

Candidate Adrian (26) appeared when he came upon a whip in his hand. He said to the Bachelorette, "I do not have much to say, just the silent water is deep and damn dirty!" When she asked visibly surprised about what was happening, Adrian simply says, "You can still find out." only player he also says that his whip for Andrinas Füdli would fit.

This means Andrina: "I was very surprised because I would not have expected anything like this from him. The action made me curious."

Schwyzerörgeli music with bad vocals

The martial artist Thurgau Rico (29) arrived as in his battles with his rgeli in hand. While he was playing, he also sang to Andrina: "Bätschi gave me a rose." Competitor Mike (29) said: "Something went wrong with the guy."

This means Andrina: "I was very impressed by his Örgeli appearance. It shows that it is musical and there is more behind it.

Off for two candidates

Already in the episode two candidates had to travel home: For the Rhine Valley, Alex B. (24) and Bernese Jascha (24), Andrina had no rose at the end. Both explain Blick's demand that they were not expecting a check-out anytime soon.

Unquestionable kiss

Aargau's logistics expert, Jonas (22) entered the offensive by becoming acquainted with Andrina. He asked the fitness influencer to close his eyes. Without further ado, and above all without asking, he kissed her lips. He says on the show: "A kiss is worth a thousand words".

This means Andrina: "I was a bit confused because I did not expect that, but that's okay for me." Showed her courage and it was just a sincere kiss.If he stuck his tongue in my throat, it would have been inappropriate.

Unquestionable Kiss No. 2

Also on the show Jonas was spared by major criticism for his arrogant action. The bachelorette party emphasized that she herself decides who she kisses, but she said: "But how do you say so well: impudence wins!" Without hesitation, Rico's fighter followed suit and kissed Andrina's lips as she handed the rose. "Impudence wins," he repeated.

This means Andrina: "I found it inappropriate and a little rude of him, but he also showed a lot of courage.

Jay gets oiled

When candidate Jay (27) is in front of Andrina, he rips his shirt and asks Andrina to lubricate his chest. Then he said, "I felt a connection." The other candidates, however, scoffed at his action.

This means Andrina: "For a moment, I thought Jay was a stripper. Stripper is not that attractive, but it was definitely exciting and fun."

confession sex

When Andrina asked the competitors what was the most special place they had ever had, migration expert Dragan (28) commented cheerfully that he had come up with a different hat-trick in the middle of the football field.

This means Andrina: "I was surprised by his confession, but I also enjoy having sex in extraordinary places, so I found it exciting to hear him."

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