Audi has an exclusive A1 car for everyone: a compact car


Audi looks to the future. The Ingolstadt has tough times behind them. Unexpectedly reports of deep gains in the past, scandals, pressure from the mother in Wolfsburg. So they started cleaning Audi, stroked some models, put non-profit engines for discussion.

But now it's Good News: Audis cleaning is finally bearing fruit. The second generation of the A1 brings fresh air and pleasant to the business. As Audis Kleiner takes the image of the entry level model, it can become a success in the second edition. On the one hand, Ingolstadt has listened to customers and offers the A1 just as Sportback. On the other hand, the three-door version is no longer in the program, diesel was first excluded.

High-class electronics

Stylistic interventions make the A1 an extremely beautiful "companion to an urban environment", as Audi calls it, a young car. The wording is more than an elegant description of a car that wants to address a much younger target group because it is a functional goal. The Sportback is quite suitable for long distance travel, and fits in the pure luggage without the interior comfort should suffer. In numbers: The luggage volume has increased by 65 liters to up to 1090 liters.

The infotainment system and driver assistance comes from the Audi luxury class: Optionally, MMI Navigation Plus offers a 10.1-inch touchscreen that perfectly matches the glass appearance of the Virtual Cockpit with extended functionality. The Audi smartphone interface integrates iOS and Android smartphones via Apple Carplay and Android Auto in a specially developed MMI environment and offers two USB interfaces (1 × USB-A, 1 × USB-C with increased load current). MMI Navigation Plus offers functions such as hybrid route guidance. And the latest generation of voice control makes travel a child's play. The Audi Phone Box offers better reception quality with LTE support and ensures that the smartphone is loaded wirelessly all the way.

More and more

Okay, if you understand all this, you are the ideal owner of the Audi A1. Fewer Millennial speakers may be interested in the Bang & Olufsen Premium system and its 560 watts. Or the driver assistance systems, which Audi also transfers from its main models to the A1 universe. Cruise Control Adaptive, Spur Alert Detector with speed limiter, a pre-scythe front that detects pedestrians (and others) even in fog. And finally, a parking aid, including a rear-view camera. All this turns the compact four-door car into a stuffed animal with technology.

One that can be adapted to anything that can hold a car key in your hand. Audi has transformed its A1 into a true chameleon. In the case of the A1, the lower Bavarians offer levels of personalization like never before in this class of vehicles. Ingolstadt has calculated that there are one million variants of equipment for the A1. So far, Audi has built about 900,000 A1, which means: In essence, any new A1 customer could drive their very special A1. On offer is (among other things) a choice of ten colors, on request there is the roof in contrasting colors. Three lines of equipment – Basic, Advance or Audis classic S-Line – execute the attachments differently on the outside. Audi also offers options for selecting colors and materials, including "Advanced Interior", "Interior Design Selection" and "Interior S-Line". This means that the interior of the A1 can also be individualized. There are base seats and sports seats. You can choose from an optional ambient light and contour package that sets the interior in the dark with LED lighting elements in thirty selectable colors.

It looks good anyway. The muscle mass in the wheel cutouts has increased, the A1 is a bit longer and higher than the previous one. The wide track and pronounced wedge shape makes this an athlete. The C-pillar is flat, reminiscent of the Sport Quattro, as well as the now typical three grooves in the front bonnet. The S-Line comes with 18-inch wheels, giving the A1 an even more dynamic look.

And he has enough power too. The 3-cylinder engine, available at the market launch, produces 116 hp, followed by a basic model with 95 hp (25 TFSI). And anyone who knows Audi knows that something else will come up. As a gearbox, both a Stronic manual and a Stronic six-speed are available for choice and buyers can choose between the Basic, Advanced and S-Line equipment lines. However, those who choose the new A1 with DSG (S-tronic) and the line of "S-Line" equipment will need more than 5,000 francs.

All this is not so cheap, because Audi requires at least 27,600 francs for the A1 30 TFSI, and the many customization options can change the price significantly up. Anyone who can pay for this in the target group will be shown. A compelling alternative is the A1 anyway.

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Created on: 11/26/2018, 19:08 clock


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