Attack on police in Chur runs smoothly


In Chur, a car driver put at risk three city police officers in his car. For reasons that are not yet clear, the 19-year-old ran up to her. The police managed to save themselves. The handlebar is stuck.

In Chur, almost three policemen were injured on Sunday. A man (19) turned at a walking pace from a parking lot to the left on the Seilerbahnweg towards Kasernenstrasse. Opposite one place of the event were three police officers and a larger group of people at the time.

For reasons not yet explained, the man in the car accelerated his then strong vehicle and drove the right side to the police. At the last moment, a police officer can be pulled aside by his police colleague – the car hit a snow accumulated.

The driver then fled and ran to the center of Chur. At the height of Masanserstrasse, he was finally stopped by the city police. The public prosecutor Graub√ľnden ordered a blood and urine sample. The foreign driver's license was denied to the man. (Fr)


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