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"Are you having fun, are you doing your best?"

(Motorsport-Total.com) – The fact that Kimi Raikkonen sees Formula 1 more as a hobby, as he had stated at a press conference, he was interpreted from some negative sides. The statement can easily be interpreted as meaning that the former world champion does not take work in Formula 1 more seriously, but instead, depending on his taste, he invests more or less effort.

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen has noticeably more fun in Formula 1 zoom

But there can be no doubt about it, says the "Iceman" – and the same had already been announced by his team Alfa Romeo. "I do not know if people want it to look like a bad thing, but if you always want to do your hobby and have fun, then you're doing your best – and that's how you feel," says the Finn.

"It does not look like work," he says. In addition to contributing to the fact that he has to complete less media work compared to his Ferrari days – which is not necessarily Raikkonen's thing. "It's part of the job, but it does not interest me," he says. "So I have more fun and that's the only reason I'm here."

"You do not need anyone to push me"

Raikkonen is mainly interested in driving. That's why he's been waiting for Alfa Romeo for another two years, even though he can not find a cockpit there anymore. "That's the only thing that motivates me, and as long as I like it, I do not need any support, I do not need anyone to push me," said the Finn. "I always try my best and sometimes it works better than the other times."

His team also says that the motivation in Raikkonen's case is not questioned. The 39-year-old is more motivated than ever – even though Raikkonen has no idea how to measure him. "I drove for her in 2001, I do not know if they compare it," he shrugs.

At least he can say that he feels at home with Alfa Romeo, and the team also listens to him.

In the end better of the rest?

However, there is no personal goal for the 2019 season. Raikkonen just wants to give his best and see what comes out in the end. He is currently tied for points with 13 points, with Sergio Perez just behind the top teams – along with Red Bull's Pierre Gasly. The aim of Alfa Romeo should be the title "Best of the rest".

Raikkonen thinks this is definitely possible: "Why not?", He says. "If someone does not make a big leap now, we can only improve and have every chance to fight for it, and whoever gets there in the end, who knows, we'll see."

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