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Apple events follow a familiar pattern. They take about two hours and then there are brilliant new devices to admire and new applications and software to try out. Not this time.

On Tuesday Apple in Cupertino, all these habits are thrown overboard. New iPads, Mac computers, headphones and watch bracelets, the group already presented last week without much fanfare by press release. The presentation at the Steve Jobs Theater at the Cupertino facility was about Apple's growing third pillar, alongside software and hardware: services and subscriptions. The group presented three of them at the event, which this newspaper visited on invitation: a subscription service for magazines, one for games and one for TV broadcasts.

Apple + News: The subscription service costs $ 10 per month and is initially only in the US and Canada on the market. Other English-speaking countries are expected to follow this year. For the application fee you get 300 for the iPhone and iPad prepared magazines and newspapers, including on the "Wall Street Journal".

Apple Arcade: The subscription service for games is still priceless, but will be released in the fall in 150 countries. By paying a monthly fee, you initially get about 100 premium games for mobile phones, tablets, and computers. If you can buy the titles individually, it is still open.

Apple TV +: In the fall, Apple's streaming video service will begin. Again, no price is known. Anyway, much remained cloudy in relation to this service. Although Apple has won numerous movie and TV producers from celebrities such as Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey for the new service, but as the offer looks exactly, it is still unclear. The core of the new service is the new TV application, which will be launched in 100 countries in May this year. If Switzerland is there, it is still unclear. One thing is certain: the application will not only run on Apple devices but also on TVs from Samsung, Sony and LG.

The Effect of Apple Music

Common to all these signatures is that they do not reinvent the wheel. But what Apple brings and competitors like Netflix do not have is the large user base. With 900 million iPhones and 1.4 billion Apple devices worldwide. If only a few users opt for one of Apple's new subscriptions, this is very lucrative. This was similar with Apple Music. The service is hardly different from the market leader and pioneer of Spotify. But with Apple Music already on the device and in perfect harmony with Apple's other gadgets, it's tempting to decide immediately.

As much as Apple's new signatures look good now, it's going to be so exciting when Apple plans to merge all those services: music, video, games, news, and cloud storage. This can neither Spotify nor Netflix. But this step did not dare Apple yesterday.

A titanium map

The Nebenschauplatz at yesterday's event should not have pleased the banking world yet again. With Apple Pay, the group has already snatched a portion of the customer's business and, with the announced Apple Card yesterday, a credit card, Apple must now invest in another deal with the banks.

The Apple card must be managed directly on the phone. If the card is not accepted on the phone, there is also a physical card made of titanium. The Apple Card is a cooperation with Goldman Sachs and MasterCard. For now, it is only available in the USA. But the ambitions of the group must be significantly higher.

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