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Exploding is certainly not one of the things you should expect when upgrading your iPhone. This opinion is also from Apple and investigates a curious case that happened to an iPhone X.

Apple wants to clarify the incident quickly

Apple is currently trying to find out with the owner of a hot iPhone X, why the device suddenly exploded after an upgrade to iOS 12.1. As Rahel Mohamad told the 360 ​​gadget, updating your iPhone X was initially normal. The device has been connected as described with the original cable to the supplied charger. When the owner took the iPhone X in hand, he noticed that the device was very hot and released.

The iPhone X was still boldly busy with the update and gave signs of smoke now, which was not a good harbinger. When the device restarted after the upgrade, it exploded as a spectacular end. At that time, the smartphone was already disconnected from the power supply according to the owner startled.

Mohamad shared photos of the victim (ie the iPhone X) on Twitter and promptly received a response from Apple's support staff. "This is definitely an unexpected behavior," Apple clarified, announcing that the case will be examined. In the process, the company will also verify that the damage actually occurred with the original hardware and to what extent the fall could have led to the explosion.

While the incident was definitely a serious problem for the user, this is a very rare event. So far, only a few similar cases are known, usually a third party power supply was responsible for a defect.


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