Appenzeller Landsgemeinde: First Time Live on the Internet


Whoever votes here raises his hand – and now he sees the whole world: The Appenzell-Innerrhoder rural community is broadcast live for the first time on the Internet.

It always happens outdoors and is carried on since the late Middle Ages: the rural community. This Sunday in Appenzell Innerrhoden is the oldest form of democratic participation. And come to a premiere: For the first time Canton Appenzell transfers the Landsgemeinde on the Internet – at you can follow from 12.30 am the most direct democracy in the world.

The Standeskommission – as Appenzell Innerrhoden declares the government – decided to carry out the pilot project. "In this way, people who can not participate in the rural community, the events in the Landsgemeindeplatz still follow," writes the canton in a message.

In addition, as in the past year, the rural community of Appenzell would also be locally translated into sign language. This offer is expected to be used more intensely than 2018.

Daniel Fässler wants to become a counselor

Exciting is likely to be right in the beginning: Because reigning Landammann Daniel Fässler (58, CVP) after eleven years no longer compete, his successor will be elected. Lorenz Gmünder (CVP), 33, Roland Dähler, 57 (independent) and Bruno Huber (CVP), 51, run for the presidency.

And another special feature of the canton can be traced thanks to the new live broadcast: in AI, that is, the Council of States elected in the rural community. Ivo Bischofsberger (61, CVP) retires after 30 years in politics. The greatest chance to succeed him is an old acquaintance – Landammann and National Counselor Daniel Fässler (Vfc).


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