An exceptional artist interprets brand new Schubert – Bad Säckingen


Claire Huangci, an American with Chinese roots, rips the audience in the Kursaal to applaud.

SÄCKINGEN BATH. She is one of the most exciting young pianists on the piano scene: Claire Huangci, an American with Chinese roots, is considered a brilliant virtuoso and in June she also convinced the international Concours Géza Anda jury with her new interpretations. Now the newly crowned winner of the prestigious competition gave a recital in Bad Säckingen's chamber music series of nights and ripped the audience at Kursaal through the shimmering glow of applause.

Huangci opened the night with eight sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti. The Italian baroque composer, for whom she has already dedicated a CD project, is very well on her toes. In black pants, the artist sits on the piano with a delicate beam of energy, carving Scarlatti's sonatas with a crystal-clear, extremely sharp, highly precise and accented tone. Illuminate these sonatas with great detail in expressive nuances, in emotions, in virtuosities and in decorations.

Her portrait of the Mozart Sonata in C minor, K. 457, is also fresh, indomitable and unconventional. Energetic, exciting, and even resolutely in the mark, it addresses the powerful theme in the first movement. Wonderfully lucid, clear and filigree, she hears the intimate Adagio, which sounds sparkling, natural, full of soul, with a slight charm, subtly clean. A sparkling vivacity, strong verve and an exciting access has its game in the final movement.

In the Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No. 13, Claire Huangci can boast of her much-praised bravado technique. With blazing virtuoso gestures and shimmering keyboard acrobatics, she shines brightly in this piece in a stylish, pearl and brilliant way: a true firework of pianistic energy and explosive temperament! So hot and brilliant, so energetic in body language was her Liszt game that she even took off her black jacket.

Even Schubert's Sonata No. 20 seems different, unusual, idiosyncratic, new in the hands of this exceptional performer. His Schubert has lyrical grace and extroverted power, powerful effects and smooth vocalism. Unpublished again, unstressed, with a light hand, very agitated in the impulse, she measures the sentence with a broad head. Intimate, lyrical, delicate, as if lost in dreams, she plays Andantino with her melodies sung. In his high-contrast view of Schubert, there are also explosions of ecstatic savagery. Fluent, fluid, full of energy, dynamically broad, his music sounds like Scherzo and Rondo. With some fury, she touches a passionate exuberance: so touching, so modern, so tense that Schubert actually heard it strange.

Captivating sound and technical speed

In Encores, the acclaimed pianist releases the lioness of the button and shows in Rachmaninov's most famous Prélude an exciting and electrifying "paw", almost bravery of witchcraft, insane technical speed and captivating sonority. With the second encore, Friedrich Gulda's jazzy Toccata, the super virtuoso with explosive intelligence, pulsating verve, and fast, insane fingers finally plays piano fans in shouts of bravado.

It was no surprise that Claire Huangci's new Rachmaninoff CD, which she signed in the foyer after the concert, was not surprising after this spectacular performance.


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