AirPower: Apple kills your wireless charging carpet


In 2017, Apple announced the AirPower billing folder, which should load up to three devices at the same time. Now the US company stops the project.

The AirPower charging mat, announced for 2018

The AirPower charging mat, announced for 2018
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Apple also announced AirPower in the context of the launch of the iPhone X in 2017. By 2018, the US company wanted to offer a charging carpet that should carry up to three devices at the same time. After several delays, Apple abruptly stops the project.

This is the result of an email instruction for "Techcrunch". According to Dan Riccio, Apple's senior vice president of hardware engineering, "after a lot of effort, we came to the conclusion that AirPower will not meet our high standards." We apologize to our customers who were waiting for the product launch. He said he was still convinced of a wireless future and was "committed to driving the wireless experience." According to "Techcrunch", there were problems with the production, supposedly due to overheating. This is what the portal learned from unspecified sources.

Apparently, the decision to launch the project was made recently. Because on the packaging of the first 2nd generation AirPods (our test) the AirPower was shown and mentioned. Bitter this is for customers who bought the new AirPods 2 for Fr. 229.- with the wireless charging case and we hope to be able to charge the latter via AirPower.

Fortunately, some who bought the new AirPods with the Wireless Case are still eligible for a refund. But typically, Apple's recorded products are excluded.


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