Airpods remain the best headphones


The new wireless headphones from Apple do not offer much new. However, they remain among the best on the market. And the Airpods also convince with Android phones instead of iPhone.

In fact, there are alternatives – and Airpods harmonize well with not-so-good Android devices like the iPhone. However, there are good reasons to prefer Apple's headsets to those of the competition.

Even though the second generation of headphones does not offer so much new, they are among the market leaders in three of the most important areas. The sound is still great for this construction. Hardly any other comparatively compact Bluetooth handset sounds so good.

In addition, no competing product that, like Airpods is reduced to two single buttons without cable, comes close to five hours of music playback. Even the Airpods case is more compact than comparable products – and you can even charge the headphones four times.

Apple demands a moderate price for Airpods

There are many users, including the end of the test, who can only use in-ear headphones for a short period of time before their ears hurt. Airpods also score here: They fit surprisingly into many sensitive users.

Finally, the price – atypical for Apple – fairly moderate. The normal version still costs 179 francs, those with the charging process, which charges wirelessly 229 francs. For totally wireless headphones, this is a very fair offer.

With Android smartphones you can pair Airpods like normal Bluetooth headsets. Simply open the case and they will already be visible in the Bluetooth menu of the phone.

The connection works great, but you have fewer features available in connection with Apple products. In the latter case, the wireless headphones are perfectly integrated into the system.

With iPhone, Airpods are even better

All you need to do is open the case near an iPhone, iPad or Mac, and the device is already displayed on the device. With one click, the connection is thanks to a new chip again noticeably faster than before.

On iOS, you can also see the battery level of Airpods and Case. If you remove the earphones, the music or podcast will be paused. As soon as the appliance is returned, continue.

Airpods are always listening if you want. Then you can start the language assistant without pressing a button. Simply say "Hey Siri" followed by a command, the music will be louder or a specific song will be played.

Important to know: There is no real feedback as a sound if someone was understood by Siri. It takes a while to get used to it, as you always have to wait for a confirmation from Siri. No problem: just talk, then it always works!

Apple Voice Assistant is as good on Airpods as it is on the iPhone – great for day-to-day commands, but with more complicated instructions, it fails more often than Google's competition on Amazon.

LED charging is a bit confusing

A second small point of criticism concerns the small LED, which indicates the level of charge. It is new to the outside, which is a step ahead of what you only saw when you opened the cabinet. But it goes off after a while in the charging mode. This is especially annoying when the Airpods are in a Qi charger and we find that the wireless charging does not work anymore because, for example, the case has been moved a bit.

However, charging wirelessly is probably the best innovation, which will also delight Android users. You no longer need a separate Lightning cable, you can carry everything evenly.

Thanks to reverse charging, headphones can be recharged in Samsung or Huawei standard banners. Just put it, the phone already powers the headphones. This does not work with the iPhone, but not yet, you have to say, because the September appearance of the iPhone 11 should probably offer this function as well.

The completion of the LOOK test: The new Airpods are still good and cheap. Wireless charging and better integration of Siri are useful additions. What more would be desirable, other colors than white.


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