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Affected Hinges: More Fighter Cracks 30 F / A-18

The trigger for the review was the discovery of a hinge flap on October 9 during a check. As an immediate measure, he ordered the Air Force commander to inspect all 30 machines. In addition, a flight restriction applies: The F / A-18 must fly at least 1000 meters above the ground.

So far, the tabs of eleven machines have been checked. 15 cracked hinges were discovered. Kaj-Gunnar Sievert, Armasuisse's defense spokesman, told the Keystone-SDA News Agency that Tamedia's press release on Saturday was released.

Sievert could not say how many of the damage to the F / A-18 has been tested. Each aircraft has two hinges on its two tabs, he predicted. Of these, none, or even four, may be defective.

Flight demos must be canceled

As long as the remaining 19 fighters are tested, I cannot say, according to Sievert. It is also unclear as to when the repair of the defective hinges will occur.

Due to cracks discovered just over a week ago, the planned demonstrations with the F / A-18 at Axalp had to be canceled shortly on 10 October. Cannon flight demonstrations and near ground demonstrations should be canceled by the end of the review. For the air police service, F / A-18s are still available, as VBS had already emphasized.

It is not the first time

It was not the first time that cracks had been noticed on fighter planes. In early February 2018, the Luftwaffe had to mill five F / A-18s for about a month due to wing flap cracks. Even so, the fleet underwent a review.

In February 2019, a crack was detected in a structural part of the upper fuselage of an F / A-18C. The Luftwaffe, in turn, had all the machines checked. No more cracks detected. (SDA)

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